Engineering Leadership Concentration

The School of Aeronautics and Astronautics is offering engineering leadership concentration for MS non-thesis students who intend to learn skills that are in high demand in practical aerospace engineering, such as business skills or specialized skills (e.g., machine learning), in addition to the traditional core training in aerospace engineering. It is expected that students in this concentration will be on a career path of technical and engineering leadership.

This is a practical practice-oriented concentration. There is no research focus and funding support. Students will choose to focus their graduate studies in a major area (Aerodynamics, Aerospace Systems, Astrodynamics and Space Applications, Dynamics and Control, Propulsion, Structures and Materials) and a minor area (the six major areas plus approved interdisciplinary study). Students are required to complete a total of 30 credit hours of graduate level coursework, with 12 credits in the major area, 6 credits in the minor area, and 3 credits in Mathematics or Statistics. The other 9 credits will be in an approved professional development area. Students will get MSAA degree after completing the program.

Professional Development Areas

  • Business Management
  • Legal Aspects of Aerospace Engineering
  • Public Policy in Aerospace Engineering
  • Computer Science in Aerospace Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Aerospace Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing in Aerospace Engineering
  • Energetic Materials

Sample Courses for Professional Development

CE 52400 – Legal Aspects in Engineering Practice

CS 50011 – Introduction to Systems for Information Security

CS 50100 – Computing for Science and Engineering

CS 52600 – Information Security

MGMT 54600 – Decision Support and Expert Systems

MGMT 56200 – Project Management

MGMT 57100 – Data Mining

MGMT 60000 – Accounting for Managers

MGMT 61000 – Financial Marketing

MGMT 62000 – Marketing Management

MGMT 65000 – Strategic Management

MGMT 66000 – Operations Management

Typical Plan of Study

Semester 1: Fall term on campus – 9 credits of coursework

Semester 2: Spring term on campus – 9 credits of coursework

Summer: Summer term on campus – 3 credits of coursework

Semester 3: Fall term on campus – 9 credits of coursework