Speaker Type Title Date
Dr. Kartavya Neema The AAE Special Seminar Practical Approach toward Deep Reinforcement Learning December 6, 2019
Srinivasan Gopalakrishnan Center for Materials Processing and Tribology Wave Propagation in Complex Material Systems December 2, 2019
Dr. Ying Li The AAE Special Seminar Series Multiscale Constitutive Modeling on Finite Strain Viscoelasticity of Elastomers September 4, 2019
Dr. Nicholas Armstrong AAE Summer 2019 Special Seminar Series Bayesian Analysis of In-Situ High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Synchrotron Experiments of Ti-6Al-4V Specimens Undergoing Tensile Loading June 26, 2019
Dr. Vigor Yang Midwest Distinguished Lecture in Aerospace Engineering High-Fidelity Engineering Design Innovation for Aerospace Systems April 23, 2019
Dr. Michael Atkinson The Pathways to Engineering Diversity Seminar Bridging Educational Pathways: Applied Research and the Development of Future Technologies April 11, 2019
Dr. Igor V. Adamovich Special Seminar Laser Diagnostics for Measurements of Electric Field and Excited Metastable Species April 04, 2019
Dr. Huy T. Tran Special Seminar Harnessing Data for Resilient Systems: Resilience through Data-driven Modeling and Machine Intelligence March 29, 2019
Dr. Sergey B. Leonov Special Seminar Characterization of Constricted Air Plasma with Emphasis on Application for a High-Speed Flow/Combustion Control March 21, 2019
Detlef Lohse Midwest Mechanics Seminar Bubble Puzzles April 22, 2019
Dr. Corey T. Love Special Seminar Navigating the Course Towards Stability and Away from Catastrophe: LI-ION Batteries in the U.S. Navy December 4, 2018
Dr. Addis Kidane Special Seminar Local Deformation Heterogeneity in Materials Under Dynamic Loading and Meso Scale Approach November 6, 2018
Dr. Joseph Jewell Faculty Candidate Seminar High-Speed Boundary-Layer Instability and Transition to Turbulence: Fundamentals and Applications November 15, 2018
Shaoshuai Mou, Dengfeng Sun CRISP Seminar Lighting vision talks in resilience September 27, 2018
Dr. Noel Clemens Midwest Mechanics Seminar Unsteadiness of Shock Wave / Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions October 1, 2018

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