Industrial Advisory Council 2012 ~ 2013

IAC Fall 2012 Group Photo

The Industrial Advisory Council (IAC) serves an important role in the School of Aeronautics & Astronautics. The success of our programs depends on strong support from industry and the Industrial Advisory Council serves as a link between industry and the university. The IAC meet twice a year in the fall and spring and review a large variety of topics related to our current operations and future goals.

The current members of the IAC are shown below. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the members of the IAC to take time from their busy schedules to assist us in our programs, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Mr. Frank H. Bauer (BSAAE'79, MSAAE'80)
Vice President for Strategic Programs • Emergent Space Technologies
Frank Bauer
Mr. Bradley Duane Belcher (BSAAE'82)
Research & Technology Program Executive • Research & Technology Strategy • Rolls-Royce Corporation
Bradley Duane Belcher
Dr. Paul M. Bevilaqua (MSAAE'68, PhD '73)
Professor • Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering • University of Miami
Paul Bevilaqua
Col. (Ret.) Mark N. Brown (BSAAE'73)
Aerospace Consultant • Mark Brown Consulting, LLC
Mark Brown
Ms. Andrea M. Chavez (BSAAE'88)
Director • Manufacturing & Test Operations • Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Andrea Chavez
Mr. Michael J. Corso (BSAAE'71)
Department Chair • Tort and Insurance Litigation Department • Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A.
Michael Corso
Mr. Daniel F. Devitt (BSAAE'75)
Sr. Director of Engineering & Certification • American Eurocopter
Daniel Devitt
Mr. Michael P. Dreessen (BSAAE'83)
Vice President • Ducommun—Miltec
Michael Dreessen photo unavailable
Dr. Markus B. Heinimann (BSAAE '92, MSAAE '94, PhD '97)
Technology Manager • Aerospace, Alcoa, Inc • Alcoa Technical Center
Markus Heinimann
Mr. Andrew H. Kasowski (BSAAE'72)
Retired Vice President • Engineering Product Development • Cessna Aircraft Company
Andrew Kasowski
Dr. Andrew M. King (MSME'84, PhD'88)
Director, S & IS Mission Assurance • Boeing Defense, Space and Security • The Boeing Company
Andrew King
Stephen S. Kress (BSAAE'75)
Group Technical Staff, Integrated and Programs • Lockheed Martin Missiles, and Fire Control • Lockheed Martin Corporation
Stephen Kress
Ms. Mary Kriebel (BSAAE'85)
Propulsion Systems Manager • Northrop Grumman Corp.
Mary Kriebel
Mr. Thomas L. Maxwell (BSAAE'69)
Consultant • GE Aviation
Retired General Manager • GE Aircraft Engines
Thomas Maxwell
Mr. David K. McGrath (BSAAE'83, MSAAE'84)
Director, Systems Engineer • Tactical Propulsion and Controls • ATK Elkton Operations
David McGrath
Mr. Leon McKinney (BSAAE'81, MSAAE'82)
President • McKinney Associates
Leon McKinney
Mr. Gary E. Mitchell (BSAE'60)
Retired — Vice President • Boeing Integrated Defense System
Gary Mitchell photo unavailable
Mr. Gary E. Payton (MSAAE'72)
Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Erdle Chair in Engineering Sciences; U.S. Air Force Academy
Retired Deputy Under Secretary for Space • U.S. Air Force
Gary Payton
Ms. Erika J. Pearson (BSAAE'93)
Business Director/Deputy VP Asia Pacific Sales & India Sales • Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Erika Pearson photo unavailable
Mr. James P. Renna (BSAAE'86)
Vice President, Engineering Safety, Test and Evaluation • Sikorsky Aircraft
James Renna
Dr. Richard Byram Rivir (BSAE'60)
Chief Scientist, Propulsion Directorate • United States Air Force, US Department of Defense Liaison for Purdue
Richard Rivir photo unavailable
Mr. Charles Robert Saff (BSAAE'71)
Retired, Boeing Technical Fellow—Structures • Boeing Research and Technology
Robert Saff
Mr. Randal E. Secor (BSAAE'76)
Director • Deputy IPT Lead • MAMS UAS • Northrop Grumman Corporation
Randall Secor
Dr. Robert L. Strickler (BSAE'60, MSAE'62, PhD ME'68)
Private Consultant
Retired Vice President / General Manager for Space and Missile Systems • Energy and Environmental Systems • TRW
Robert Strickler
Dr. Anthony L. Thornton (PhD'92)
Deputy to Vice President for Technology & Programs • Sandia National Laboratories
Anthony Thornton
Mr. William "Ted" Torgerson (BSAAE'83)
Director — Program Manager • Phantom Works • Boeing Company
Ted Torgerson
Mr. John J. Walsh (BSAAE'82)
President • Sypris Electronics LLC
John Walsh
Mr. Glenn Weissinger (BSAAE'77)(MSIA'78
Vice President — Strategic Planning • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Glenn Weissinger