To understand Fukushima We Must Remember Our Past: The History of Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Severe Reactor Accidents

Event Date: March 28, 2012
Speaker: Eric P. Loewen, Ph.D.
President, American Nuclear Society
Type: Joint Seminar
Time: 3:30 p.m. - Joint Seminar
Location: ME 1061

Brief Bio:

Eric P. Loewen, Ph.D., is among the youngest Presidents ever elected to head the prestigious American Nuclear Society.  His election shows an appreciation among the membership for his unique skills and gifts.

 He is a distinguished scholar, having received his Ph.D. in 1999 in Engineering Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he also received his M.S. in Nuclear Engineering; in 1983, he received his B.A. in Chemistry and Mathematics from Western State College in Gunnison, CO.  During his time in Madison, he was the Manager for the Tantalus Facility, the electron storage ring at the University, and was an NRC-Licensed Senior Reactor Operator at the University of Wisconsin 1MW research reactor.

 Dr. Loewen has served as an Affiliate Faculty Member, Idaho State University, Department of Engineering (2001-2004), a position to which he was appointed for contribution to educational and research efforts at ISU.  From 2004 till 2006, he was Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri-Rolla, where he performed collaborative research and mentored undergraduate students and was a member of the Development Board to the Department of Nuclear Engineering.

 While in the United States Navy, he also attended the Surface Warfare Officer School, the Nuclear Prototype program, where he finished second in a class of 45, the Nuclear Power School and Officer Candidate School.

 His naval career spanned 10 years, 1983 to 1993, where he was variously an instructor at the Naval Prototype Nuclear Reactor School, Lieutenant on the USS Long Beach GN-9 as, among other things, Nuclear Quality Assurance Officer and Surface Warfare Officer, supervising a 20-man division, and Commanding Officer at the U.S. Naval Reserve Unit in Madison, WI, commanding two 50-man Naval Reserve units supporting the USS DALE and Amphibious Squadron TWO.

 Since 2006, he has been Chief Consulting Engineer for GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) in Wilmington, NC, where he leads GEH’s efforts to deploy the integral fast reactor, PRISM, to fission electro-metallurgically processed spent nuclear fuel and excess weapons-grade materials to meet the nation’s electricity production, nuclear waste management, and non-proliferation needs.

 Dr. Loewen has a long involvement with the American Nuclear Society, first joining in 1987 as a student; he was Chair of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Section, Chair of ANS’s National Membership Committee, Chair of the Idaho Section of ANS, and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2003.  He was appointed to the Finance Committee and elected Treasurer in 2007, a position he resigned upon his election as Vice President/President Elect (2010-2011/2011-12).

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