Aiming at Fusion Power

Event Date: April 13, 2011
Speaker: Clement P. C. Wong, Ph.D.
Senior Staff
General Atomics
San Diego, California
Time: 3:30 p.m.
Location: EE 170
Priority: No
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Clement P.C. Wong, Ph.D.
Clement P.C. Wong, Ph.D.


Aiming at Fusion Power*
With the construction of the international ITER project, the world tokamak fusion program is moving toward the development of necessary fusion science and technology. Looking from the plasma outward, progress in the following areas will be summarized in this presentation:

  • System studies that are used to scope future tokamak devices
  • Understanding the plasma-material interface
  • Plasma facing components
  • Plasma facing materials
  • Divertor and first wall designs
  • Disruption tolerant plasma facing materials
  • Fusion structural material development
  • Advanced blanket design
  • ITER test blanket design program
  • US DCLL test blanket design and corresponding research and development
  • Helium Brayton cycle gas turbine
  • Integrated nature of fusion power development

It is clear that significant progress has been made in the above areas and at the same time exciting and challenging development of these areas is also ahead of us.
*This work supported by the U.S. Department of Energy under DE-FC02-04ER54698

Brief bio:

BS, Nuclear Engineering, U. of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, 1967
MS, Nuclear Engineering, U. of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, 1969
Ph D, Nuclear Engineering, U. of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1977

Dr. Clement Wong is the manager of the DIII-D Divertor Material Evaluation System (DiMES) and Mid-plane Material Evaluation Sample (MiMES) system at General Atomics.  He is also the appointed Interface coordinator for the US ITER dual coolant lead lithium (DCLL) Test Blanket Module (TBM) program, coordinating the TBM design and corresponding ancillary equipments design and development.  He coordinates the advanced fusion material development at General Atomics covering the plasma facing materials to fusion power core materials.  Dr. Wong's experience includes representing General Atomics on helium-cooled blanket and divertor designs in different U.S. fusion power plant studies and blanket designs.  Dr. Wong also develops and exercises a reactor system code to perform various physics, engineering design and economic trade-off studies for toroidal geometry reactor concepts.  He is presently also developing the Si-load W-surface transient tolerant plasma surface material design.

  • Plasma Facing Materials Assessment
  • Principal investigator and manager of the multi-institutional DIII-D Divertor Material Evaluation System (DiMES) and Mid-plane Material Evaluation System (MiMES) program. This program evaluates plasma-material surface interactions with controlled plasma discharges by inserting material samples into the divertor and mid-plane of DIII–D.
  • Based on DiMES work, invented the disruption tolerant Si-loaded W surface material design which is now under development for D-T steady state burn fusion reactors. 
  • Member of the steering committee of the US Plasma Facing Components program. 
  • Chair of the Plasma Facing Components (PFC) Panel for the 2009 DOE Research Needs Workshops (ReNeW)   activity.  

Technical experience
Dr. Wong has worked on different technical areas including: neutronics, thermal-hydraulics, thermal cyclic behavior of the blanket, magnetohydrodynamic effects, divertor design, power conversion cycles, tritium production and confinement, evaluations of tritium-breeding and plasma facing materials, vacuum pumping, mechanical, safety designs and systems study analysis.  

Honors, Community Service, Invention
ANS Fellow since 2001
ANS/FED Chair 1999-2000
ANS/FED Executive Committee Member 1991-1993
Co-inventor: Hermetic Ceramic Composite Structures, patent # 5681511, October 28, 1997

Principal Publications
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