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The Purdue Industrial Engineering (IE) undergraduate program is ranked #3 in the nation and our graduate program is ranked #6 in the nation (2019 U.S. News & World Report).

What is industrial engineering? IEs contribute to sectors as diverse as manufacturing, finance, aviation, food, oil, services, energy, government, and health care. Are you ready to join one of the premier industrial engineering programs in the world? Get started here!

Featured Student

Introducing Jocelyn Dunn

IE PhD candidate Jocelyn Dunn participated in NASA’s eight-month Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) Mission 3 to study factors that affect team performance.

From October 2014 to June 2015, Dunn lived with five other “crew members” in a domed habitat on a volcanic Hawaiian landscape simulating life on a Martian outpost. The HI-SEAS program focused on the study of social, interpersonal and cognitive factors that affect team performance during long-duration space travel and missions. It was part of a human performance study funded by NASA, “an immersive environment that is analogous to living on the planet Mars,” according to Dunn.

Dunn’s dissertation is focused on real-time data analytics for decision support and system improvement. She explains: “HI-SEAS enabled me to collect valuable data about how sleep quality, activity levels, and stress states of our simulated astronaut crew varied throughout this eight-month mission. In the future, I dream of being on a mission to an asteroid or Mars, but regardless I will continue researching how to improve the health and performance of individuals on Earth and Mars alike.”