Operations Research at Purdue

"Purdue IE is top notch, worldwide, and there are a lot of researchers with different backgrounds. With such diversity, collaboration can create great ideas that can solve real world challenges."

- Jun He, PhD Student

Learn more about operations research at Purdue's School of Industrial Engineering from a student perspective by watching this quick video. To find out more about the welcoming culture here at Purdue Industrial Engineering be sure to scroll down for more videos.


"I will always strive to create a welcoming environment of excellence here at the Purdue School of Industrial Engineering." - James J. Solberg Head and Ransburg Professor of Industrial Engineering, Young-Jun Son

Thank you for your interest in Purdue Industrial Engineering! Please check out the videos below to hear from our graduate students and learn what makes Purdue's School of Industrial Engineering great.


Purdue engineers have an interest in changing the world, making an impact in their communities, and doing meaningful work. Strong leadership characteristics, ingenuity, adaptability, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and technical proficiency are among the main competencies that our students gain. Purdue engineering is dedicated to helping students attain the skills and attributes needed to succeed in this rapidly-changing global economy.

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