Funding and Student Employment Opportunities

Graduate student funding primarily comes from fellowships, research projects, and teaching assistantships. We have provided a brief overview of the funding process on our website, which you can find here.  For Industrial Engineering students, funding is typically determined during the application process. If a student does not receive funding through the application, they will need to explore other funding options independently.

While it is uncommon, unsupported students in Industrial Engineering may have the chance to be considered for a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) position. However, please refrain from approaching faculty members for TA recommendations unless they are already familiar with your capabilities.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Application 

This application is for graduate Industrial Engineering (IE) majors only who are interested in applying to a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) position for Industrial Engineering courses. 

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Other Opportunities 

Unsupported Industrial Engineering students are highly encouraged to explore graduate assistant (GA) opportunities in various departments. It is important to note that there is no centralized platform for all funding and student employment opportunities. Therefore, it is crucial for you to take the initiative to conduct your own research, stay informed, and actively network within the university community. Each department has its own unique procedures for managing these opportunities, so if you have specific inquiries, it is recommended to directly contact the respective department for further information.
The list provided below offers a glimpse of additional funding and student employment opportunities, but please note that it is not exhaustive.

Academic Departments

Graduate Assistantships: Computer Science (CS)

Graduate Assistantships: Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)

Graduate Assistantships: Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Graduate Teaching Assistantships: First Year Engineering (FYE) 

Graduate Teaching Assistantships: Department of Mathematics

Graduate Teaching Assistantship & Graders: Daniel's School of Business

Graduate Research Assistantship: Physics

College of Engineering

College of Engineering Fellowship List

Purdue Graduate School

Graduate School Fellowship Office

College of Liberal Arts

Graduate Assistantships & Research: Office of Professional Practice (OEPP)

Other Employment

Purdue Libraries Positions

Resident Assistants

Student Employment: Human Resources (HR)

Student Employments: Information Technology (IT)

Student Employment: West Lafayette Students