Alumni Profiles

2020 Graduates

Quamar Fatima

Graduated May 2020

Google, Technical Program Manager

“I work within Google’s Global Network Infrastructure - Edge Capacity team. My team of 20 TPMs is responsible for managing Google’s infrastructure for Search, YouTube, Ads, Meet, Cloud etc. products as close to users as possible. An interesting aspect of my day-to-day work is the diversity of the projects I work on. I manage Google’s network capacity in 5 countries in the Asia Pacific region. In parallel, I flex my Computer Science muscles by developing workflows to automate network management processes. I am also a part of Google’s small team responsible for procuring, assigning and maintaining all of Google’s IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Purdue’s MEM program was the segway for me to transition from tech to technical management. For a faster transition from tech to technical management, my MEM program set the platform to gain business understanding in a disciplined yet flexible manner.

Teams are usually cross-functional at Google, and in my experience it’s the case for other companies and industries as well. As companies incline more towards cross-functional work, the need for Engineering Management becomes crucial to serve as a perfect bridge between various domains.

I consider Purdue’s Engineering Management program as a path to set oneself up for success, and I encourage you to do so too. Program director and faculty not just provide the platform but also take individual interest in students’ professional development. By leveraging their expertise and the diverse domains the program has to offer, there’s a lot to benefit from this program!

To me, being a Purdue Boilermaker means taking giant leaps! “Boiler Up and Hammer Down” is the first thing that comes to my mind! We have the thought process, we have the capability to take on complex challenges, and most importantly, we have the grit and determination to pull through the finish line with an effective solution!”


Meet Kansara

Graduated May 2020

Amazon, Program Manager

“As a Program Manager for Inbound Operations and Technology Execution I am responsible for improving the flow of materials and information from Amazon’s suppliers into the Fulfillment Centers to other downstream systems. I play an integral part in Amazon’s inventory management by successfully partnering with various internal teams such as Warehouse Operations, IT, Retail, and Finance, along with external suppliers, to support new business initiatives.

I came to Purdue intending to be in a managerial position after graduating from the Master of Engineering Management program. From day 1 this program was focused on developing industry-specific skills, and support was provided to steer my career. Having the ability to pursue career-specific projects, I gained the opportunity to intern at Chewy and Tesla. These experiences were the stepping stones that created a huge impact on my career, and ultimately led to earning an offer from Amazon.

The Master of Engineering Management degree has unique value in the industry. Companies not only want their employees to be technically sound, but also are seeking business acumen and project management skills in their employees. This degree perfectly aligns with the companies’ goal for hiring future managers.

As a Purdue MEM alum, I would advise the students to grow their network and have meaningful connections. For me, a Purdue Engineering Manager is the one that not only excels in professional life, but also develops the community around.”

Jacqlyn Monteiro

Graduated May 2020

Lam Research, Program Manager

“Lam Research is a semiconductor equipment manufacturing company that is constantly innovating and bringing cutting edge products to the market. I take pride to say that it is highly possible that the everyday electronic devices you are using has at some point passed through a Lam manufactured machine.

I work in the Pilot Operations team as a Transition Program Manager, and one of my primary responsibilities is to help transition products from pilot to high volume manufacturing. It is very exciting to know that the programs I am working on are creating an actual impact, not just for my company, but for our end customers as well. Working in such a fast-paced environment is a challenging task, especially coordinating programs between cross-functional teams with members from different organizations and geographies. Challenges are exciting, and overcoming them is what makes me a true Boilermaker.

My Purdue Master of Engineering Management degree has really helped me grow professionally. I have seen my horizons widen due to this degree. I feel more confident and more industry ready because of everything the program has given me, including courses, professional seminars, and my co-op experience.

If I had to put it simply, an Engineering Management degree is an Engineer’s MBA. It helps you build a strong management layer over your existing engineering skills, and I do believe it’s a niche skillset that is highly valued and sought after in the industry.

One thing that I’ve realized is that at no point should you expect to be spoon-fed. Your degree and your career are what you make out of it. There are going to be lots of challenges, but when you emerge victorious at the end of it – that experience is extremely rewarding. It is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Being a Purdue Engineer means a lot to me. The Purdue network is so strong that no matter where you are, you will always find a fellow Boilermaker eager to help. Purdue has laid a strong foundation for me and I will always remain a very proud Boilermaker. Boiler Up!”