Tuition and Financial Aid

Funding Your Purdue MEM Education

Purdue University’s Master of Engineering Management program is a professional graduate program. As such, students are not eligible for teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or graduate assistantships. Such a structure is consistent with professional programs in other fields like management (MBA degree), law (JD degree), and medicine (MD degree) wherein financial aid is typically not provided.

Fortunately, there are many other viable pathways for funding your Purdue MEM education. To assist you in your research, we have compiled the following list of options you may wish to explore.

Purdue MEM students earn an average of $37.67 USD/hour during paid internship and Co-Op industry positions. Completing a 1-year Co-Op generates an average of $78,353 USD in gross salary revenue. These earnings can substantially offset our reasonable tuition and fees. Furthermore, some employers provide additional forms of compensation, including housing assistance, relocation expense allowance, and/or a signing bonus.

Compared to U.S. coastal cities, larger metropolitan areas, and even peer institution competitors, the cost of living at Purdue University is significantly less expensive. Combined with our reasonable tuition levels, this results in real savings and a solid return on your investment.

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Purdue MEM students are eligible to serve as a Resident Assistant if they have lived for at least one year in a Purdue residence hall. The positions provide room and board, along with a monthly stipend. Applications are due November 1st each year.

Purdue MEM students are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week in hourly paid positions on Purdue’s campus. Students work in a variety of roles, including IT consultants, graders, tutors, lab assistants, library assistantsPMU positions, and more. You can generate supplemental income to cover living expenses while building your resume with highly-sought employability skills. In U.S. business culture, students who work during their undergraduate and graduate programs are respected for their work ethic and time management skills.

To apply for federal, state, and Purdue University student aid programs, which can include loans, grants, and work-study campus jobs, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Be sure you know the application deadline for your academic year of choice. The FAFSA must be completed each year for which you are seeking student aid.

You can also learn more about the FAFSA from Purdue's Division of Financial Aid.

Purdue University is a member university of the GEM Consortium. As such, students are eligible to join Purdue’s MEM with a GEM Fellowship. GEM Fellowships are offered for graduating seniors who plan to enter graduate school in science or engineering fields. Applicants need to be U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents. Candidates should be members of one of the following underrepresented groups: American Indian/Native, African American/Black, Hispanic American/Latino/a.

Purdue University has a long history of providing a high level of support through our Veterans Success Center, including through the Yellow Ribbon Program. Purdue MEM students are eligible to utilize a long list of GI Bill benefits, which are available to veterans, service members, and immediate family members.

The Purdue MEM program is pleased to offer select Graduate Tuition Scholarships to students in the Fulbright Foreign Student Program. We are fully supportive of the Fulbright mission to educate a global community of scholars.

Each year, we work with several organizations to help facilitate competitive admission packages, including AMIDEAST, IIE, and Laspau.

Graduate students in STEM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics.) disciplines can receive a full scholarship and commit to working with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) upon degree completion. Eligible awardees need to be a citizen of the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or United Kingdom at time of application.

Purdue is frequently ranked as offering one of the best returns on investment for Master's programs in The United States.

Accelerated Master of Engineering Management (1-year program)

Credit Hours 30
Rate Per Credit Hour (Out-of-State/International) $1,360
Estimated Program Tuition (Out-of-State/International) $41,100

* International Student Fee (per on-campus semester) is $145.00.

Credit Hours 30
Rate Credit Hour (In-State) $530
Estimated Program Tuition (In-State) $15,150

Master of Engineering Management with Professional Practice (2-year program)

Credit Hours 30
Rate Per Credit Hour (Out-of-State/International) $1,370
Co-Op Fees $1,200
Estimated Program Tuition (Out-of-State/International) $42,300

* International Student Fee (per on-campus semester) is $145.00.

Credit Hours 30
Rate Per Credit Hour (In-State) $505
Co-Op Fees $1,200
Estimated Program Tuition (In-State) $16,350