Alumni Profiles

Purdue's Engineering Management master's program is designed to give students depth of technical skills in engineering while building leadership skills, preparing them to take on management roles in industry. Due to the varied professional experience gained in this program, our engineering management students consistently secure competitive job offers from innovative companies and Fortune 500 corporations prior to graduation.

These are their testimonials.


Fabio Garofalo

Graduated May 2023

Current: Ford Motor Company, Manufacturing Ford College Graduate (FCG)

"I work as a process engineer on the F-150 Lightning battery pack capacity expansion project. An exciting project I have been leading is improving Ford's Factory Information System (FIS) data reporting by validating that production data is reporting correctly, and identifying logic issues/improvements for our controls engineering team. We are identifying bottlenecks in the production line and determining process improvements in a data-driven manner.

The Purdue Engineering Management master's degree positively impacted my career by allowing me to develop an excellent technical skill set through a curriculum tailored to my personal goals, while advancing my professional experience by participating in internships with automotive manufacturing industry leaders. The flexibility of the MEM program, combined with personal guidance from the program's leadership, allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, ultimately leading to me securing my dream job.

Graduating from Purdue's Engineering Management master's program allowed me to secure a significantly better offer compared to my counterparts without an Engineering Management master's degree. I truly believe that my degree has assisted me in being prepared for my role and responsibilities, as well as garnering respect from my peers and superiors.

My advice to individuals who are considering Purdue's Engineering Management master's degree is to take full advantage of the opportunities that this program provides. Unique offerings in the program, such as the social innovation course, exclusive access to industry partners and extensive support from program management, will benefit your development as long as you take the initiative to participate.

Being a Purdue MEM alum gives me immense pride for having succeeded in the program while being actively involved. After earning my undergraduate engineering degree from Purdue, I knew that Purdue's MEM program was my top choice for a master's degree. I am very thankful for the opportunities provided to me. I will always carry my Purdue MEM degree as a badge of honor."

Andrew Ravi Kamalraj

Graduated May 2023

Current: Autodesk, Global Growth Program Manager

"I collaborate with stakeholders on a global scale, fostering synergy across diverse teams and divisions. Together, our focus is on cultivating sustained growth in billings and subscriptions for a comprehensive range of Autodesk products. In addition, I actively engage with multiple programs, serving as the program manager for various initiatives dedicated to testing offers through data-backed analysis. My role involves supporting regions in enhancing their sales strategies, and I am proud to contribute as a key member of the team tasked with globally redesigning the Autodesk webpage.

My journey through Purdue MEM has been transformative, offering a wide range of experiences that profoundly shaped my professional trajectory. Whether engaging with clients on industry projects, participating in case competitions, or contributing to social innovation initiatives, the program's diversity expanded my capabilities. This multifaceted approach not only fostered academic excellence but also nurtured personal and professional growth. Balancing my engineering expertise with a nuanced understanding of management has been instrumental in shaping my career path.

In the dynamic landscape of industry, the Engineering Management degree from Purdue is a valuable asset. Many organizations, including Autodesk, place significant emphasis on candidates with this qualification. The fusion of management education with robust engineering skills gives graduates a unique and sought-after skill set. This broadens the spectrum of job opportunities and also positions candidates as versatile assets in the workplace.

Choosing Purdue's Engineering Management Master's Program is a decision you won't regret. The program not only provides an exceptional education but also offers a vibrant alumni network. The opportunities for professional development, along with the degree's recognized value in the workplace, make Purdue an excellent choice. Embrace the diverse experiences the program offers, and you'll find yourself well-prepared for the dynamic challenges of the professional world.

I'm super proud and grateful to be a Purdue MEM Alum. The caliber of individuals I am connected with through the Purdue network is truly remarkable. The close-knit, supportive, and accomplished alumni community is a testament to the strength of the program. As a Purdue MEM alum, I am part of a community of individuals from whom I continually learn and grow, making the association meaningful."

Nishi Kashyap

Graduated August 2023

Current: Goldman Sachs, Associate Product Manager

"As a Product Manager at Goldman Sachs, I lead the technology strategy for delivering innovative and universal products to the customer. Our team works towards optimizing workflows and building integrated product solutions to deliver a seamless user experience. My key responsibilities include defining product requirements with objectives and key results (OKRs), success metrics, and user stories for monitoring roadmaps.

The unique blend of technical and managerial skills that I gained from Purdue MEM has enriched me with a holistic perspective in decision-making. This mindset pushed me to assess business and technical feasibility while proposing solutions for complex problems, and boosted my quality of ideas while preparing for my dream company. More than finding your dream job, the biggest impact Purdue's Engineering Management program had was to make me more confident of my skills, far-fetched in aspirations and detail-oriented in approach.

As I started my professional journey in the USA, one of the first lessons I learned was the need to have a diverse skillset. In order to make "good" decisions, one has to think about it from inception to deployment. This includes the associated risk and mitigation plan, and is only possible when you are able to think holistically. This is where the Purdue MEM's course projects with industry companies are very helpful. The key highlight was the opportunity to work with organizations as a part of course projects to build a practical perspective and solution-oriented approach to understand managerial concepts more clearly.

To those considering Purdue Engineering Management, I encourage you to continue having an appetite for risk and to focus on strengthening your skills. Purdue is one of the finest universities of which to be a member. The best part of Purdue MEM is the MEM team, especially Eric and Karen. They are always there to guide you, support you, and ensure you have access to all the required resources to pave your path to success. So, don't worry, you are not alone in this journey!

For me, being a Purdue MEM alum is about pride and responsibilities. Once an alum, the bar of quality and deliverables expected from you increases significantly. We strive for excellence and that should always keep increasing. When I look back at the time I came to Purdue, I was filled with doubts about how to navigate through the journey. I was nervous as well, to be honest. This one-year experience taught me lessons for life. I am proud of this experience, including lessons learned, achievements, relationships, and networks. I will forever cherish it."

Xiaochuan "Katie" Yue

Graduated May 2023

Current: Tesla, Process Engineer

"In Tesla's die-casting department, I serve as a process engineer, contributing to the production of the rear underbody of the Model Y. I am dedicated to ensuring Tesla Fremont achieves the production and delivery of the highest quality products on time. To make the production line a success, I focus on process engineering excellence, encompassing the development and maintenance of robust production processes. This involves creating process standardization, improving process efficiency, implementing process control and monitoring, managing material flow, and modifying CAD layouts to optimize the production space. I am actively engaged in driving continuous improvement efforts to enhance overall operational efficiency. Being part of such an innovative department fills me with pride, especially knowing that my contributions contribute to the creation of the safest cars.

The Purdue MEM program has undeniably had a profound impact on both my personal development and professional journey. The flexibility in course selection allowed me to improve not only the technical skills I needed-acquiring proficiency in database management, data analysis, product and process design, and problem-solving-but also to broaden my managerial knowledge and perspectives beyond the confines of the engineering field.

Beyond academic growth, Purdue MEM has been instrumental in establishing valuable connections and providing essential resources that have shaped my career journey. From informative resource sessions and valuable referrals, to interview preparation and shared experiences on growth, I am genuinely grateful for the program's significant contribution to my professional development.

My master's degree in Engineering Management has not only opened doors to meaningful connections, but has also presented valuable job opportunities. Coming from an industrial engineering background, I confidently assert that this degree has added significant value to my profile, especially considering the esteemed reputation of Purdue University's College of Engineering. When faced with the decision to stay in my own engineering field or transition to Engineering Management, I chose Purdue MEM, and I firmly believe it was the right decision.

Make the most of the program by pursuing internship experiences. During my time in Purdue's Master of Engineering Management graduate program, I explored both the supply chain and manufacturing industry through internships. This experience broadened my perspective and allowed me to identify the field I decided to pursue for my full-time career. Seize every opportunity that comes your way! Attend all internship information sessions and career fairs, and apply for co-ops and internships. Showcase your work whenever the chance presents itself.

I hold my Purdue alum status close to my heart. It's incredible how frequently colleagues and connections from my professional network approach me for recommendations for internship candidates. Having received immense support on my own journey, I find joy in giving back by supporting students in every possible way. As a proud Purdue MEM alum, I enthusiastically wear my Purdue shirt wherever I go!"