Alumni Profiles

Purdue's Engineering Management master's program is designed to give students depth of technical skills in engineering while building leadership skills, preparing them to take on management roles in industry. Due to the varied professional experience gained in this program, our engineering management students consistently secure competitive job offers from innovative companies and Fortune 500 corporations prior to graduation.

These are their testimonials.


Ashwini Kolte

Graduated May 2018

Current: Google, Customer Engineer 2

Previous: Deloitte, Cyber Risk Senior Consultant

"I work with the pricing of Cypress products. My role includes preparing pricing strategy, negotiating contracts with customers, collaborating with business operations and sales to fulfill customer pricing requirements, and performing data analysis to help make better management decisions. Recently, I was involved in preparing a pricing strategy for two product families. Leveraging my Engineering Management skills, I was able to perform a root cause and corrective action analysis for an issue we were facing in the team.

Engineering Management at Purdue is a perfect mix of Engineering and Management courses, which helped me bridge the gap between the two. The combination has particularly helped me in my current job, as I am required to know about Marketing, Finance, and Operations, along with my Engineering background, in order to collaborate with different teams to price a product appropriately. I understand the market better and make better decisions.

Knowing just Engineering is not enough when you want to be involved in making important decisions in a company. Knowledge and understanding of how management works, and what factors should be considered while making an informed decision, are equally important. Engineering Management at Purdue teaches both.

At Purdue, you are able to hand-pick the courses you want to pursue in Engineering and Management field. Thus, you are not confined to look for jobs in just Engineering, but can look for opportunities in Marketing, Consulting, Supply Chain, Operations, and many more fields.

Purdue is a very reputed university, known for its fine engineers across the nation. I met some of the brightest minds, students and professors at Purdue. I feel lucky and proud to be a part of the Boilermaker family! Boiler Up!"

Zach Nichols

Graduated May 2018

Current: RoboSource, RPA Developer/Recovery Specialist

Previous: Mussett, Nicholas & Associates, Mechanical Engineer

"As a Mechanical Engineer, I design mechanical and plumbing systems for industrial applications. This role goes beyond pipe stress calculations and involves coordination with other trades, disciplines, and manufacturers through the construction and commissioning phases. My first project involved overseeing the mechanical utilities design for a new boiler house that will provide steam and heating to Allison Transmission.

Purdue's Master of Engineering Management program has given me the confidence to join existing projects, meet the other players, and quickly assume critical responsibilities. While every project is a team effort, understanding each other's roles and how the design team operates is key to success in this industry. You wouldn't believe how many Purdue graduates dominate this field, so a degree from Purdue carries great weight when making first impressions.

I'll never regret my decision to come back to Purdue to earn a Master's degree. While I was eager to join the industry, I felt compelled to further myself as an engineer. The Master of Engineering Management degree allowed me to continue my training, wrap my mind around the business side of industry, and develop long-lasting connections to like-minded leaders.

The industry is filled with Purdue graduates, from entry-level engineers all the way to the executives running the company. That "Boiler Up" connection opens the door to many unique opportunities and gives you plenty of mentors to guide you on your journey."

Soumya Roy

Graduated May 2018

Current: Tesla, Supplier Industrialization Engineer - Metals Mining

Previous: Rio Tinto, Engineer - Reliability, Kennecott Utah Copper Refinery

"My role at Rio Tinto Kennecott is to enhance our capability to mitigate existing risks and prevent major and catastrophic incidents, thereby improving safety and business performance while delivering a competitive advantage. My current project involves implementing an Asset Performance Management platform across Rio Tinto Kennecott to track our mining systems and assets so that we can facilitate safer and more reliable operations at a lower sustainable cost.

My Purdue Engineering Management master's most importantly taught me how to develop a 'systemic thinking' attitude for dealing with complex problem sets. I really attribute this to the management courses that I was able to choose as part of the program curriculum. Within a few weeks into my role, I realized the value of my Engineering Management program when it became evident how the mix of technical and management courses that I took started finding real-life applications. In fact, my manager revealed me that one of the critical reasons why I was selected over other candidates was because of my additional knowledge of business management fundamentals.

The best piece of advice I have for students considering Purdue's Engineering Management master's degree is to make the most of the flexibility that the program offers in terms of choosing course curriculum. Additionally, leverage the network that comes with being at Purdue.

Perception is one of the single biggest factors driving an individual's organizational growth, and the fact that one is a Purdue Engineer is bound to give you a head start in your professional career. Having worked globally across the Asia-Pacific and US, I realize the respect that comes with being a Purdue Engineer, and I strive my best every day to make my alma mater proud."