The industry demand for engineers equipped with business backgrounds is growing. Purdue offers 1-year and 2-year concentrations in Engineering Management.

The structure of the MEM curriculum is very flexible within the requirements which are as follows:

  • 18 credit hours of engineering coursework, 9 credits from Systems Engineering and 9 credit hours from a single engineering discipline (depth requirement). The same courses may be used to meet both. Once you meet the systems and depth requirements, you may take any graduate level engineering courses for your remaining engineering credits.
  • 9 credit hours of management coursework selected from Business Analytics, Accounting, Marketing for Managers, Strategic Management and Intro to Operations Management.
  • 3 credit hours of elective coursework: chosen from engineering, management, or another STEM discipline.

Engineering Management

Engineering Management concentrations offer the most flexible course options within the university-approved degree requirements of the graduate program. Students have the opportunity to select courses from a wide variety of engineering disciplines at Purdue University. The non-thesis MSE/ME graduate degree provides students the opportunity to prepare for successful technical leadership careers by providing a unique curriculum of advanced engineering courses and foundational management courses. Students interested in this concentration should have an undergraduate academic degree in an engineering discipline or the applied sciences.


Concentration Total Credits Engineering Management Elective Length to Completion
Accelerated MSE 30 6 courses 3 courses 1 course 12 months
MSE with Professional Practice 30 6 courses 3 courses 1 course 21 months

Typical Plan of Study

Concentration Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring
Accelerated MSE 12 credits (Campus) 12 credits (Campus) Internship 6 credits (Campus) -
MSE with Professional Practice 12 credits (Campus) Co-Op + 3 credits (Online) Co-Op Co-Op + 3 credits (Online) 12 credits (Campus)