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How to Apply

The Engineering Management graduate program at Purdue prepares engineers for a career in industry, by increasing technical depth in engineering while developing strong management skills. This master’s degree blends high-level engineering coursework with graduate business administration coursework to create a well-rounded engineer who is prepared for leadership positions.

Application, admission and deadline requirements are listed below.

You will start your application by creating an account with Purdue Graduate School.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements into any of our Engineering Management programs are:

Admission Checklists

The details on the requirements and deadlines for the Engineering Management program are listed in PDFs below. Application requirements are dependent on the program to which you apply.  

Applicants with admissions questions can contact us here.  The Graduate School provides details on specific scores for admission.

Application Checklists:

Non-Engineering applicants:

If you do not have an ABET-accredited engineering degree (or international equivalent) or if you have a science degree, you will need to provide proof of successful completion in the following math courses: Calculus I & II and either differential equations or linear algebra. You must provide a list of the courses (number and title) and a description or a syllabus to support the application. For the Engineering Management with Professional Practice program, applicants are required to have an ABET accredited engineering major.

NOTE:If you have already submitted an online application and now want to apply to an additional program, you must create a new application account and begin a new application. Do not use your existing PIN/user name in the user login box. Instead, please click the 'Create Account' button. 


Fall (August) Spring (January) Summer

First Round: January 13

Second Round: March 16

Final Round: June 1

First Round: October 1

Second Round: November 1 

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