Frequently Asked Questions

Our office has organized a detailed list of FAQs for you as listed below.

Program Requirements

The program does NOT require work experience. Approximately half of our students join with full-time work experience and the other half join directly from a bachelor program.

While the majority of our students have undergraduate engineering degrees, we do accept students with STEM-related backgrounds including, but not limited to, Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics.

A list of all program requirements can be found in our Class Profile.

General Program

"Master of Science in Engineering" awarded by Purdue University, West Lafayette (main campus)

The major is “Engineering Management” with a concentration in one of the following areas depending on your program:
i. Engineering Management and Professional Practice (2-year)
ii. Engineering Management (1-year accelerated)

Yes. The program is intended as a full-time, on-campus, residential program at Purdue University's flagship campus in West Lafayette, Indiana. Students may complete one or two courses online if they choose, usually during semesters while completing an industry co-op experience.

Application Process

The GRE requirement is waived for current Purdue students and Purdue graduates, given that we know the rigor of the education you have completed.

The GRE is required for both the 1-year and 2-year on campus programs. All sections of the GRE are given consideration, including Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Our program’s typical average GRE quantitative score is 164 and the typical average verbal score is 153. While GRE scores are an important factor in the application review, all components of an application are considered during the admission decision process.

No. Currently, GMAT scores are not accepted for applications.

Possibly. Purdue’s Graduate School has specific policies in place pertaining to English proficiency waivers.

No. We value all forms of diversity in our global program, but this particular document is not included in our application reviews. This is the case for U.S. and international applicants.

No. We do not include the video essay in our application reviews.

No, it is not necessary for you to complete this portion of the application. This portion of the application is intended for research-oriented programs that usually include a thesis. As our program is industry focused and non-thesis, you can skip this section of the application.

We recommend that applicants adhere to a 500 word limit for the SOP. Applicants are allowed to submit SOPs that exceed this length, but in fairness to all applicants there is no guarantee that reviewers will read beyond the stated 500 word limit.

Yes. Application fees are waived for U.S. citizens and are automatically processed in the application system.

The MEM program does not directly provide application fee waivers for international students. However, Purdue provides application fee waivers to advance diversity, recognize outstanding undergraduate achievement, and engage prospective students in recruitment events where Purdue is affiliated. Application fee waivers are available for individuals who have participated in specific programs designated by Purdue's Graduate School. You can find the list here:


Applications submitted for the first and second round of Fall reviews will typically learn the admission decision in 7-8 weeks following the deadline. Applicants will be notified via email, at which point they can log into their application account to view the result.

No. Aim for a set of letters from individuals who can describe your range of skills. Ideally, letters should cover your academic and scholastic skills, extracurricular activities, and applied experiences. They should hold a positive view of you and be able to describe your potential for academic and professional work.

Academic Planning

The flexibility of the interdisciplinary degree allows you to mix and match courses from the different disciplines as approved by your program’s academic advisor. You may take classes for which you have met the prerequisites, or have sufficient professional background.

Yes. Please contact our office to discuss further.

Yes, under certain conditions. Courses must have been taken for graduate credit (500-600 level), have a grade of B or better, and be approved by your academic advisor.

Students will have an assigned committee made up of 1-3 engineering faculty members.

No. You only lose eligibility if you go 3 consecutive semesters without registering (including summer). However, your co-op assignment and plan of study may be impacted.

It is possible. However, this must be pre-approved for special circumstances. Please contact our office to discuss further.

The Office of Professional Practice (OPP) and the Engineering Management master's program will be involved in the admissions review process to ensure candidates selected for the program will be strong candidates for co-op opportunities. We cannot guarantee a placement, but we partner with you every step of the way to help ensure your success.

In the event that a student is not able to obtain an offer for the required co-op duration of 6-12 months, the student is able to transition to the 1-year program that does not include the co-op requirement. The student is still able to earn the M.S.E. degree (including OPT benefits for international students).


There is currently no scholarship support for the Engineering Management master's program. However, students in the 2-year program will have a paid internship/co-op to help offset the cost. Students in the 1-year program will have completed their Master’s in just one year and be able to move into the job force quickly to start earning a professional salary. You may also pursue independent scholarships and/or contact the Purdue Division of Financial Aid for information on loan programs.

Yes. The co-op fee is $400.00 per semester. This is built into the estimated total cost of the program.

Yes. On-campus courses are charged by credit hour until you reach full time status. Distance courses are charged by course.

Students are not eligible for teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or graduate assistantships. However, there is potential for Resident Assistant positions.

Purdue MEM students are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week in hourly paid positions on Purdue’s campus. Students work in a variety of roles, including IT consultants, graders, tutors, lab assistants, library assistants, PMU positions, and more. You can generate supplemental income to cover living expenses while building your resume with highly-sought employability skills. In U.S. business culture, students who work during their undergraduate and graduate programs are respected for their work ethic and time management skills.

Purdue University offers information on on-campus and off-campus housing for graduate students.