Alumni Profiles

Purdue's Engineering Management master's program is designed to give students depth of technical skills in engineering while building leadership skills, preparing them to take on management roles in industry. Due to the varied professional experience gained in this program, our engineering management students consistently secure competitive job offers from innovative companies and Fortune 500 corporations prior to graduation.

These are their testimonials.


Nick Fecteau

Graduated May 2019

Current: American Structurepoint, Staff Engineer

Previous: AECOM, Roadway & Traffic Engineer

"The MEM program is unique in its comprehensive and well-rounded scope. The selection of management and engineering courses provided continued academic growth, while various seminars and workshops fostered professional development through the construction of business fundamentals. Finally, the co-op rotation offered in the two-year program allowed me to gain real-world experience and industry insight that further supplemented what I learned in the classroom. It was this co-op experience that was a main talking point with many companies, as the value of a Purdue Engineering degree is already well-known, and the full-time period I spent with Union Pacific Railroad Company only made my skills the more sought-after.

I loved the program from start to finish. Week one threw us into it with a golf workshop, a dining etiquette seminar, and an elevator pitch workshop, along with a ropes course to get to know my cohort. This program also provided my first experience with the Krannert School of Management, and I loved the opportunity to combine my engineering problem-solving skills with the leadership and communication skills of the MBA students. All of this provided me with the confidence to step into leadership roles, both within the classroom and within my co-op, and the competence to draw upon the strengths and weaknesses of my team members to accomplish the task at hand (albeit sometimes in the typical college student last-minute fashion).

Because the program offers so much flexibility in its course selection, it can seem a little daunting at first figuring out which way to go. The reality is that whatever direction you choose is the right direction if it's what you love. The program is designed so that you can pursue your passions both inside and outside the classroom. I was able to explore graduate engineering courses, such as urban planning and public mass transportation, that intrigued me during undergrad but did not fit within the confines of my undergraduate curriculum. Additionally, I was able to continue my role as a Civil Engineering Student Ambassador and share my love of both my field and the university with prospective students and families. This continuation, coupled with my role as student host for programs put on by MEM, afforded me the opportunity to forge long-lasting relationships with industry leaders.

I am extremely grateful for my acceptance into the MEM program, for the continued support of its administration and faculty, and for all the wonderful friends and classmates I met during my graduate years. Since graduation, I have been called back to campus to share my experiences and insights with incoming students, and each time I talk about the program I realize just one more way that it's helped shape the individual and professional I am today. I look forward to taking the lessons learned and skills developed over the past six years at Purdue and further building upon them as I pursue my Professional Engineering licensure."

Akshay Prijul RB

Graduated December 2019

Current: Amazon Robotics, Robotics Deployment Engineer

"In my current role, I dive deep into challenging technical problems to deliver Amazon's leading-edge robotics technologies across its fulfilment, transportation, and delivery network. Leading the onsite Deployment Engineering Team, I am also constantly involved in design discussions for providing recommendations to improve future deployability and user experience of robotic solutions.

Purdue MEM program has enabled me to have the best of both worlds - Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. A few of the most exciting exposures I received during my time with the MEM program include the opportunity to represent the Purdue Hyperloop Team in the competition organized by SpaceX, being involved in entrepreneurship initiatives funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and serving as a Senator with the Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG). It is amazing how the program has been flexible to accommodate my interests in working on inspiring real-world problems while providing me with exposure to nurture myself as a technical leader.

The industry-focused skills training and professional development offered by the Purdue MEM program has gone a long way in setting me up for success in this role. The top skills that my current role at Amazon Robotics demands are engineering know-how, problem-solving, innovation and leadership. I have been able to deliver quick wins for the team by finding swift, effective solutions for complex engineering problems. Working successfully with diverse stakeholders has helped me earn the trust of my internal customers in a short span.

My two cents - Stay persistent with whatever you work on and don't give up when things don't go your way. Also, I strongly recommend keeping yourself busy outside of coursework by getting involved in clubs and engaging in different volunteering opportunities that Purdue offers, as this adds value to your campus experience, setting you apart from your peers.

Being a Purdue Engineer makes me proud. The first thing that comes to my mind is the grit and determination we have, which is symbolic of the true Boilermaker spirit that Purdue embodies. The cherry on the cake is the approachable alumni network that we are blessed to have. It's easy to make meaningful connections with experienced folks across domains and seek ideas, which really does enable giant leaps in our career. Boiler Up!"

Sean Wainwright

Graduated December 2019

Current: Northrop Grumman, Systems Engineer (Future Technical Leaders Program)

"As a Systems Engineer in the Future Technical Leaders (FTL) program at Northrop Grumman, I have an opportunity to work in three different roles over the next three years, in three locations around the country. My first rotation has been in Dulles, Virginia where I have used software- and hardware-related skills to develop a satellite network communications testbed. Recently, I became the task lead so I have been handling budget planning, performing demonstrations for stakeholders, and interviewing candidates for an assistant.

The Purdue MEM program is the reason I secured my job. The management courses gave me a unique perspective and set me apart from other candidates. My internship gave me industry experience and hands-on skills. The flexibility of this program gave me a chance to do an independent study in the Purdue Space Flight Projects Laboratory, and gave me real leadership experience to discuss in my interview.

The value of engineering management is still catching on in the industry. Forward thinking companies like Northrop Grumman have a variety of programs designed to fast-track candidates with engineering and management experience into positions of leadership. The MEM degree is noteworthy when a company is deciding who to invest in for these leadership development programs.

I recommend that future MEM students take full advantage of facilities and opportunities at Purdue University. Join a club. Volunteer at Zucrow Propulsion Lab. Join a team in the Purdue Space Flight Laboratory. Use the machine shop, the electronics lab, or the 3D printing technology at Bechtel Innovation Design Center - you may even be able to get a job there! There are incredible facilities and clubs on campus, free for students, and these experiences will set you apart from your peers.

Being a Purdue Engineer means joining an elite group of ambitious professionals with a great alumni network. Over 30% of all U.S. Astronauts graduated from Purdue. Whether you start your own small business, join a massive corporation, or travel to Mars, the chances are good that you will work with other Purdue graduates. We stand on the shoulders of giants and we must pursue our dreams accordingly."

Yashashree Watkar

Graduated May 2019

Current: McKinsey and Company, Operations Analyst

Previous: Nestle, Process Engineer

"As a Process Engineer, I am responsible for maintaining the balance between plant operations and process design developments. It requires you to engage thoroughly with the engineering-maintenance crew along with the business unit to ensure the smooth functioning of the manufacturing facility. I am utilizing the managerial skills acquired during my time at Purdue to effectively apply the technical knowledge in my area of excellence. Pursuing my Master's in Engineering Management was the stepping stone to build a career in a technical field along with a closer look towards management.

Purdue's MEM offers flexibility to choose courses from one of the nation's best engineering schools and from a business school led by professors with diverse backgrounds and enormous experience. The program offers a chance to build your career the way you want to shape it. The MEM program provides knowledge and forms a valuable platform for students from different fields to come together for a common cause. We all share the dream of becoming future technical leaders in our areas of expertise.

As a word of advice from a MEM alum: Never give up, trust your instincts, and always be persistent towards your goal."