Alumni Profiles

Purdue's Engineering Management master's program is designed to give students depth of technical skills in engineering while building leadership skills, preparing them to take on management roles in industry. Due to the varied professional experience gained in this program, our engineering management students consistently secure competitive job offers from innovative companies and Fortune 500 corporations prior to graduation.

These are their testimonials.


Jackie Huynh

Graduated December 2013

Current: TAE Technologies, Inc, Product Manager

Previous: The AES Corporation, Energy Storage Engineering, Sr Manager

"As a microgrid solutions architect, I work on projects ranging from several hundred thousand to several million dollars from different market segments. These projects require coordination between different business units, entities, partnerships, and joint ventures to drive successful projects. This role allows me to use both engineering and business management skills to provide the necessary information to develop and close projects with key collaborators.

Purdue Engineering Management is a flexible program, which allows you to expand your knowledge in different fields. Thus, use the flexibility of this program to your advantage to gain knowledge where you are most passionate."