Alumni Profiles

Purdue's Engineering Management master's program is designed to give students depth of technical skills in engineering while building leadership skills, preparing them to take on management roles in industry. Due to the varied professional experience gained in this program, our engineering management students consistently secure competitive job offers from innovative companies and Fortune 500 corporations prior to graduation.

These are their testimonials.

Maysoon Alkhuzai

Graduated May 2014

Cummins Inc., Senior Industrial Engineer

"Jamestown Engine Plant produces a variety of clean and fuel efficient diesel and natural gas engines to customers all over the world. One of my primary duties is to maximize the throughput of the assembly line and to optimize manpower placement at different production levels. I currently manage a team of five brilliant technicians who all work together to continuously improve the processes of over 300 stations.

"The Purdue Engineering Management degree allowed me to get my foot in the door as a co-op with Cummins, and I was able to hand pick Engineering classes that I knew were beneficial in industry based on my experiences as a co-op. For me, these were Simulation, Robotics, and Statistics classes. The mandatory management (MBA) classes challenged me to work [with] very diverse teams. These experiences were essential in elevating my communication and team building skills - they are experiences that I often reflect upon in my current role as a manager.  

"I'm proud to call myself a Boilermaker. We know how to work hard, and more importantly how to work smart."

Sheena Anum

Graduated May 2015

Owens Corning, Global Senior Engineering Lead

"The manufacturing industry is quite demanding with a growing need for new and improved technology, innovation, and greater efficiency in management. Gone are the days when an engineer can strictly rely on technical know-how to meet technological and project demands. A sound background in leadership and management is necessary. My MEM degree from Purdue provided opportunities to improve my efficiency in management. I got a holistic view of the organization I work for driving decisions based on a working knowledge of the industry. I obtained advanced sets of business and leadership skills which meet the growing demand for improved technology."

 "It has been truly an enriching experience. I enjoyed the business management classes, and I learned how to effectively utilize technical, financial, and human resources to make an impactful contribution to my organization. I have received several promotions since my graduation and still apply the skills and knowledge obtained today." 

Emily Atayurt

Graduated December 2016

The Boeing Company, Systems Engineer – 777X Airplane Level Integration Team (ALIT)

“My current assignment involves integrating the work of groups ranging from Supplier Management, to the airline itself, to qualifying the airplane as "Service Ready". It is particularly exciting to work on the 777X Airplane Development Program since it is bringing many innovations to the commercial aerospace industry. I will be rotating into Liaison Engineer and Customer Engineer positions in the future to gain a more well-rounded experience.

“My Purdue Engineering Management master's allowed me to take more responsibility as an entry-level engineer. Being able to effectively communicate technical data to a spectrum of audiences has been the one of the most valuable attributes I learned during the program. My Engineering Management degree has served as a gateway to technical leadership, and I look forward to gaining more business skills through an MBA further into my career.

“The need for well-rounded engineers in the aerospace industry is ever growing. Purdue’s Engineering Management master's program does an excellent job in providing the skill set required. Students considering Purdue Engineering Management should realize that there is great flexibility in the program to allow for their needs. The curriculum, staff, and professors support customizing your future career through your curriculum at Purdue.

“Having earned both my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Engineering at Purdue, I am ever grateful to have joined the Boilermaker community. I realized how far our community extends when I met a Boilermaker at a St. Patrick's Day celebration in Lithuania! You have support in all corners of the world!”

Quamar Fatima

Graduated May 2020

Google, Technical Program Manager

“I work within Google’s Global Network Infrastructure - Edge Capacity team. My team of 20 TPMs is responsible for managing Google’s infrastructure for Search, YouTube, Ads, Meet, Cloud etc. products as close to users as possible. An interesting aspect of my day-to-day work is the diversity of the projects I work on. I manage Google’s network capacity in 5 countries in the Asia Pacific region. In parallel, I flex my Computer Science muscles by developing workflows to automate network management processes. I am also a part of Google’s small team responsible for procuring, assigning and maintaining all of Google’s IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Purdue’s MEM program was the segway for me to transition from tech to technical management. For a faster transition from tech to technical management, my MEM program set the platform to gain business understanding in a disciplined yet flexible manner.

Teams are usually cross-functional at Google, and in my experience it’s the case for other companies and industries as well. As companies incline more towards cross-functional work, the need for Engineering Management becomes crucial to serve as a perfect bridge between various domains.

I consider Purdue’s Engineering Management program as a path to set oneself up for success, and I encourage you to do so too. Program director and faculty not just provide the platform but also take individual interest in students’ professional development. By leveraging their expertise and the diverse domains the program has to offer, there’s a lot to benefit from this program!

To me, being a Purdue Boilermaker means taking giant leaps! “Boiler Up and Hammer Down” is the first thing that comes to my mind! We have the thought process, we have the capability to take on complex challenges, and most importantly, we have the grit and determination to pull through the finish line with an effective solution!”


Nick Fecteau

Graduated May 2019

AECOM, Roadway & Traffic Engineer

"The MEM program is unique in its comprehensive and well-rounded scope. The selection of management and engineering courses provided continued academic growth, while various seminars and workshops fostered professional development through the construction of business fundamentals. Finally, the co-op rotation offered in the two-year program allowed me to gain real-world experience and industry insight that further supplemented what I learned in the classroom. It was this co-op experience that was a main talking point with many companies, as the value of a Purdue Engineering degree is already well-known, and the full-time period I spent with Union Pacific Railroad Company only made my skills the more sought-after.""

"I loved the program from start to finish. Week one threw us into it with a golf workshop, a dining etiquette seminar, and an elevator pitch workshop, along with a ropes course to get to know my cohort. This program also provided my first experience with the Krannert School of Management, and I loved the opportunity to combine my engineering problem-solving skills with the leadership and communication skills of the MBA students. All of this provided me with the confidence to step into leadership roles, both within the classroom and within my co-op, and the competence to draw upon the strengths and weaknesses of my team members to accomplish the task at hand (albeit sometimes in the typical college student last-minute fashion)."

"Because the program offers so much flexibility in its course selection, it can seem a little daunting at first figuring out which way to go. The reality is that whatever direction you choose is the right direction if it’s what you love. The program is designed so that you can pursue your passions both inside and outside the classroom. I was able to explore graduate engineering courses, such as urban planning and public mass transportation, that intrigued me during undergrad but did not fit within the confines of my undergraduate curriculum. Additionally, I was able to continue my role as a Civil Engineering Student Ambassador and share my love of both my field and the university with prospective students and families. This continuation, coupled with my role as student host for programs put on by MEM, afforded me the opportunity to forge long-lasting relationships with industry leaders"

"I am extremely grateful for my acceptance into the MEM program, for the continued support of its administration and faculty, and for all the wonderful friends and classmates I met during my graduate years. Since graduation, I have been called back to campus to share my experiences and insights with incoming students, and each time I talk about the program I realize just one more way that it’s helped shape the individual and professional I am today. I look forward to taking the lessons learned and skills developed over the past six years at Purdue and further building upon them as I pursue my Professional Engineering licensure."

Zack Flohr

Graduated May 2014

MiraVista Diagnostics, Engineering Manager

"I manage our manufacturing lab, which provides engineering support for all equipment and processes within the company, ranging from routine maintenance to calibration. Our lab also develops, validates, and manufactures different medical devices. 

"In Engineering Management, the real-world work experience combined with the engineering skills and business training has jump-started my career in the medical device industry. Undergrad engineering degrees provide a good mental framework, but Engineering Management helped link this knowledge to real-world application. The degree is a perfect hybrid of real business experience, where you are introduced to accounting, operations, and finance, while you fine-tune your engineering skills. This degree does not focus on strictly engineering research or theoretical science, but focuses on the real world application. This mix of skills allows you to be able to dive into industry and become a leader in a company quickly, causing real growth and impact. 

"Purdue is a world class institution, and the engineering programs produce highly skilled and effective students ready to make long-lasting impacts on the world. A Purdue engineer is ready to dive into projects and challenges with adequate preparation and skills to solve problems and innovate novel solutions.  I value Purdue’s engineers and know that the engineering degrees are backed up by solid schooling and real world application."

Bhagyashree Ganore

Graduated August 2017

Intel, Thermal Engineer

“I would encourage students to go for Purdue Engineering Management because it gives you a feel of how businesses works and how companies work. Both aspects are important if you want to be in industry, and you want to grow within industry to reach a managerial position in your career. 

“In the Engineering Management program, you can do everything you do in a traditional engineering program, and in addition to that you learn management. You do not have to focus only on the program’s required courses because you have flexibility to take advantage of other opportunities. I was able to participate in a research project that helped me learn the basic fundamentals. Furthermore, Purdue has such a great campus. There are so many facilities for the students, along with great labs and professors. Our program staff have also been really supportive.

“I feel like if you love what you do things will always work out and it will always be more than what you expected. I am proud to say I am a Purdue Engineering Management graduate and I would encourage more students to go for our program.”

Jackie Huynh

Graduated December 2013

Schneider Electric, Microgrid Solutions Architect

"As a microgrid solutions architect, I work on projects ranging from several hundred thousand to several million dollars from different market segments. These projects require coordination between different business units, entities, partnerships, and joint ventures to drive successful projects. This role allows me to use both engineering and business management skills to provide the necessary information to develop and close projects with key collaborators. 

"Purdue Engineering Management is a flexible program, which allows you to expand your knowledge in different fields. Thus, use the flexibility of this program to your advantage to gain knowledge where you are most passionate."

Joseph Ianev

Graduated December 2017

The Boeing Company, Wire Installation Engineer

"I currently work at The Boeing Company at the Philadelphia Design Center (Ridley Park) under the role of Wire Installation Engineer. My work consists of designing and modeling (CATIA V5) electrical wire routing for the 777X and legacy models (777-300/777-200) for various airline customers including Emirates, Lufthansa, and Qatar. I have ownership over 4 areas of the aircraft, both left and right of the very aft sidewalls and forward ceiling panels, near the cockpit. Aside from design work, I work closely with manufacturing engineering and factory technicians in Everett to ensure the design is feasible and functional.

My position requires a lot of communication and coordination between many different teams, such as structures, wire design, and manufacturing. The Purdue Master of Engineering Management graduate program gave me tons of team experience working with engineers and non-engineers through various projects. The program gave me the skills to communicate professionally and effectively with anyone in a professional industry setting, even when stressed or under pressure to meet tight deadlines.

I think the biggest benefit to the Purdue MEM program is discovering what you will enjoy for a career path through your coursework experience. Take your time and do your research when signing up for courses to see which interest you the most, even if a topic may be a less popular choice among your program peers. It will be worth it when you learn something that you truly enjoy!

Being a Purdue engineer is being someone who has the drive and ability to deliver the highest quality of work even during difficult and stressful circumstances. We are independent learners who enjoy contributing our knowledge and skills to any project."


Mayank Kadam

Graduated May 2017

Amazon Web Services, Sales Operations Analyst

“My team is the central analytics team for the worldwide public sector with AWS. Hence, the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis are varied and interesting. They range from performing analysis on a specific business section or trend to overall analysis of business health. My role includes performing the analysis and then creating narratives from the analysis outcomes.

Purdue MEM provided me flexibility in choosing any courses from the engineering and business school, which helped me not only explore different areas, but also identify my passion. This is really significant. As we can all agree, navigating through industry with a confused mind is difficult and detrimental to building a successful career. Furthermore, the program has well equipped me with the right skillsets (from business communication to playing golf!) that are beyond the subject matter taught in courses, which gave my professional personality an edge up. Lastly, I cannot mention enough the strong support, guidance and invaluable advice from Eric VandeVoorde, our Program Director. He helped me identify, reach, and many times exceed my potential by making the most of every opportunity at hand.

The value of MEM in industry is high once it is realized that the degree not only imparts the knowledge of a subject, but reinforces and enrichens it with hands-on projects. Along with that, building competencies that aid in navigating through the professional environment with ease further enhances the worth of the degree. Other key areas of value for Purdue MEM are the global brand of Purdue as an institution and the positive reputation that program alums continue to earn in industry. Plus, as we continue growing our program year-after-year, the value recognition only continues to deepen and widen.

The best part of the program is that you can make of it what you want. If you have identified your passion and want to dive deep into it, this offers the depth to do so – choose the courses and projects around your passion subject. If you haven’t yet identified your focus area and are confused like I was initially – take different courses from different fields and explore your calling. I have seen people identify their niche in mechanical, chemical, supply chain, industrial, business analytics, marketing analytics…and the list goes on.

Being a Purdue Engineer is a thing to cherish for a lifetime. It just doesn’t mean being a part of this great university, it also means taking pride in the rich history, impactful excellence, and continued commitment to go boldly forward for our institution’s next 150 years. With that behind me as a support and encouragement, being a Purdue Alum gives me a great sense of confidence to go achieve the things that I dream and take my own GIANT LEAPS! Boiler Up!”

Meet Kansara

Graduated May 2020

Amazon, Program Manager

“As a Program Manager for Inbound Operations and Technology Execution I am responsible for improving the flow of materials and information from Amazon’s suppliers into the Fulfillment Centers to other downstream systems. I play an integral part in Amazon’s inventory management by successfully partnering with various internal teams such as Warehouse Operations, IT, Retail, and Finance, along with external suppliers, to support new business initiatives.

I came to Purdue intending to be in a managerial position after graduating from the Master of Engineering Management program. From day 1 this program was focused on developing industry-specific skills, and support was provided to steer my career. Having the ability to pursue career-specific projects, I gained the opportunity to intern at Chewy and Tesla. These experiences were the stepping stones that created a huge impact on my career, and ultimately led to earning an offer from Amazon.

The Master of Engineering Management degree has unique value in the industry. Companies not only want their employees to be technically sound, but also are seeking business acumen and project management skills in their employees. This degree perfectly aligns with the companies’ goal for hiring future managers.

As a Purdue MEM alum, I would advise the students to grow their network and have meaningful connections. For me, a Purdue Engineering Manager is the one that not only excels in professional life, but also develops the community around.”

Ashwini Kolte

Graduated May 2018

Cypress Semiconductor, Pricing Marketing Engineer 2

“I work with the pricing of Cypress products. My role includes preparing pricing strategy, negotiating contracts with customers, collaborating with business operations and sales to fulfill customer pricing requirements, and performing data analysis to help make better management decisions. Recently, I was involved in preparing a pricing strategy for two product families. Leveraging my Engineering Management skills, I was able to perform a root cause and corrective action analysis for an issue we were facing in the team.

“Engineering Management at Purdue is a perfect mix of Engineering and Management courses, which helped me bridge the gap between the two. The combination has particularly helped me in my current job, as I am required to know about Marketing, Finance, and Operations, along with my Engineering background, in order to collaborate with different teams to price a product appropriately. I understand the market better and make better decisions.

“Knowing just Engineering is not enough when you want to be involved in making important decisions in a company. Knowledge and understanding of how management works, and what factors should be considered while making an informed decision, are equally important. Engineering Management at Purdue teaches both.

“At Purdue, you are able to hand-pick the courses you want to pursue in Engineering and Management field. Thus, you are not confined to look for jobs in just Engineering, but can look for opportunities in Marketing, Consulting, Supply Chain, Operations, and many more fields.

“Purdue is a very reputed university, known for its fine engineers across the nation. I met some of the brightest minds, students and professors at Purdue. I feel lucky and proud to be a part of the Boilermaker family! Boiler Up!”

Matt Liebermann

Graduated May 2017

Kiewit, Substation Engineer

“In my role as a Substation Engineer with Kiewit, I design the flow of power throughout the substation, as well as ensuring the system is protected in the event of abnormal operations or station faults. I also manage our circuit breaker supplier contracts to ensure we are getting the right equipment for specific job needs.

“The Purdue Engineering Management program allowed me to expand my technical skills and management understanding, which are both critical aspects of my job. The flexible curriculum allowed me to build up my knowledge of power systems across several engineering disciplines while simultaneously learning key aspects of project management and supplier contract negotiations.

“In my industry, an Engineering Management master's degree is valuable for design consultants because we work with more than just an engineering team. We are in constant communication with our utilities clients and equipment suppliers. You must be able to balance aspects of technical engineering design with functional project management.

“Every day I work with people from varied professional backgrounds. Having general knowledge of the work they do can make the project run much more efficiently. With that in mind, I would advise students to step outside their comfort zone and try a class in another discipline. For example, if you are an electrical engineer, take a course in mechanical engineering or industrial engineering.

“A Purdue engineer is someone who knows how to get the job done right. We are able to take on difficult tasks and work with others to accomplish our goals. We have a strong passion for what we do, which shows in the quality of our work.”

Yun Ho Lim

Graduated May 2015

Firestone Polymers, LLC, Engineer II, Process

"As part of the Process Engineering Group, my role is to work with different groups and departments to safely lower costs, improve product qualities, approve new materials, and improve facility capacities. Responsibilities include improving process control, following special production runs, developing operating procedures, following implementation and start-up of new equipment, scale-up of new products, and de-bottlenecking plant operations.

"The Engineering Management program at Purdue is very unique and trains its students with the right skill set that industry demands. The twelve-month practicum in industry doesn’t just add to the list of internships on your résumé. While practicing your engineering skills at work, you finally get to learn which types of theories are most sought and valued in your field of study. The program provides an opportunity for you to learn those subjects so you can further contribute. After completing your study, your employer will be impressed with your engineering expertise and ability to integrate theory and practice to solve their problems.

"Purdue taught me leadership, public speaking, time management, and most importantly, how to have a positive attitude!"

Tamara Mamon

Graduated May 2017

Contech Engineered Solutions, Sales Engineer Associate

“As a Sales Engineer Associate with Contech Engineered Solutions, I began my role with an intense, six-month training program at our headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. My training group, which consisted of all Purdue engineers, learned in-depth about our pipe, storm water, and structure products in order to prepare us for receiving our own territories. A typical week included construction site visits, plant visits, classroom training, meetings with engineering firms, and networking events.

“Beyond the academic component, the Engineering Management program introduced me to the basic fundamentals of being successful in business. As a Sales Engineer, networking, social skills, and professional behavior are of utmost importance when constantly interacting with customers. On a daily basis, I am able to implement the workplace skills (e.g. dining etiquette, communication, attire) I gained through our program’s professional development seminars.

“The sooner you can display your value to your company’s leaders, the greater potential you have for working your way into a managerial role. The accounting, marketing, and operations management courses you take in this program allow you to become well-versed in these critical areas that directly impact the financial bottom line of a business. The management courses challenge you to think in a different mindset beyond the typical engineering comfort zone of equations and numbers. This program breaks the introverted engineer stereotype and allows them to pursue a master’s degree outside of sitting behind a desk and writing a thesis.

“After earning both of my degrees at Purdue University, I bleed black and gold. From an industry standpoint, every engineering firm knows Purdue and knows they have a top-tier education. I try to make my alma mater proud every day by giving 110% in my career because that is the work ethic Purdue Engineering instilled in me. It takes more than going to class to survive as a Purdue engineer, but the dedication required and time invested to earn that diploma is more than worth it.”

Jacqlyn Monteiro

Graduated May 2020

Lam Research, Program Manager

“Lam Research is a semiconductor equipment manufacturing company that is constantly innovating and bringing cutting edge products to the market. I take pride to say that it is highly possible that the everyday electronic devices you are using has at some point passed through a Lam manufactured machine.

I work in the Pilot Operations team as a Transition Program Manager, and one of my primary responsibilities is to help transition products from pilot to high volume manufacturing. It is very exciting to know that the programs I am working on are creating an actual impact, not just for my company, but for our end customers as well. Working in such a fast-paced environment is a challenging task, especially coordinating programs between cross-functional teams with members from different organizations and geographies. Challenges are exciting, and overcoming them is what makes me a true Boilermaker.

My Purdue Master of Engineering Management degree has really helped me grow professionally. I have seen my horizons widen due to this degree. I feel more confident and more industry ready because of everything the program has given me, including courses, professional seminars, and my co-op experience.

If I had to put it simply, an Engineering Management degree is an Engineer’s MBA. It helps you build a strong management layer over your existing engineering skills, and I do believe it’s a niche skillset that is highly valued and sought after in the industry.

One thing that I’ve realized is that at no point should you expect to be spoon-fed. Your degree and your career are what you make out of it. There are going to be lots of challenges, but when you emerge victorious at the end of it – that experience is extremely rewarding. It is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Being a Purdue Engineer means a lot to me. The Purdue network is so strong that no matter where you are, you will always find a fellow Boilermaker eager to help. Purdue has laid a strong foundation for me and I will always remain a very proud Boilermaker. Boiler Up!”

Zach Nichols

Graduated May 2018

Mussett, Nicholas & Associates, Mechanical Engineer

“As a Mechanical Engineer, I design mechanical and plumbing systems for industrial applications. This role goes beyond pipe stress calculations and involves coordination with other trades, disciplines, and manufacturers through the construction and commissioning phases. My first project involved overseeing the mechanical utilities design for a new boiler house that will provide steam and heating to Allison Transmission.

“Purdue’s Master of Engineering Management program has given me the confidence to join existing projects, meet the other players, and quickly assume critical responsibilities. While every project is a team effort, understanding each other’s roles and how the design team operates is key to success in this industry. You wouldn’t believe how many Purdue graduates dominate this field, so a degree from Purdue carries great weight when making first impressions.

“I’ll never regret my decision to come back to Purdue to earn a Master’s degree. While I was eager to join the industry, I felt compelled to further myself as an engineer. The Master of Engineering Management degree allowed me to continue my training, wrap my mind around the business side of industry, and develop long-lasting connections to like-minded leaders.

“The industry is filled with Purdue graduates, from entry-level engineers all the way to the executives running the company. That “Boiler Up” connection opens the door to many unique opportunities and gives you plenty of mentors to guide you on your journey.”

Naziya Noorani

Graduated December 2016

Deloitte, Business Technology Analyst

“I am currently working in the field of Technology, Strategy and Architecture focused on Cloud capabilities. In my first one-and-a-half months of work, I was already advancing toward my second project. My first client was a big leader in the financial sector so I have worked in both Charlotte and San Francisco, in addition to my home office in Chicago. I have also been heavily involved with recruiting and case-based workshops at Purdue.

“Purdue’s Engineering Management degree has been the perfect platform for launching my career in Technology Consulting. Having the flexibility to choose both courses and electives that align you to the industry/field where you want to work has been a true catalyst for me. As I was looking for more analytical and consulting-oriented roles, I focused on Strategic Management, Business Analytics, and an elective in Corporate Consulting. I pursued Industrial Engineering as my core engineering discipline since this field had courses directly aligned to Economics and Statistics.

“Being a Purdue Engineer means being part of an environment wherein you have a plethora of opportunities to grow in any direction you like, from top-class engineering facilities, great management programs to sports, music, creatives - the list goes on. I have seen people bring out the best versions of themselves and go on to shine brighter in the outside world. I guess you can truly mine human gold here!

“If you know what you want there is always a way to build your path using Purdue’s Engineering Management Program. I am proud to be a Purdue graduate. Boiler Up!”

Akshay Prijul RB

Graduated December 2019

Amazon Robotics, Robotics Deployment Engineer

“In my current role, I dive deep into challenging technical problems to deliver Amazon’s leading-edge robotics technologies across its fulfilment, transportation, and delivery network. Leading the onsite Deployment Engineering Team, I am also constantly involved in design discussions for providing recommendations to improve future deployability and user experience of robotic solutions. 

Purdue MEM program has enabled me to have the best of both worlds - Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. A few of the most exciting exposures I received during my time with the MEM program include the opportunity to represent the Purdue Hyperloop Team in the competition organized by SpaceX, being involved in entrepreneurship initiatives funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and serving as a Senator with the Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG). It is amazing how the program has been flexible to accommodate my interests in working on inspiring real-world problems while providing me with exposure to nurture myself as a technical leader.

The industry-focused skills training and professional development offered by the Purdue MEM program has gone a long way in setting me up for success in this role. The top skills that my current role at Amazon Robotics demands are engineering know-how, problem-solving, innovation and leadership. I have been able to deliver quick wins for the team by finding swift, effective solutions for complex engineering problems. Working successfully with diverse stakeholders has helped me earn the trust of my internal customers in a short span.

My two cents - Stay persistent with whatever you work on and don't give up when things don’t go your way. Also, I strongly recommend keeping yourself busy outside of coursework by getting involved in clubs and engaging in different volunteering opportunities that Purdue offers, as this adds value to your campus experience, setting you apart from your peers.

Being a Purdue Engineer makes me proud. The first thing that comes to my mind is the grit and determination we have, which is symbolic of the true Boilermaker spirit that Purdue embodies. The cherry on the cake is the approachable alumni network that we are blessed to have. It's easy to make meaningful connections with experienced folks across domains and seek ideas, which really does enable giant leaps in our career. Boiler Up!”


Soumya Roy

Graduated May 2018

Rio Tinto, Asset Integrity Engineer

“My role at Rio Tinto Kennecott is to enhance our capability to mitigate existing risks and prevent major and catastrophic incidents, thereby improving safety and business performance while delivering a competitive advantage. My current project involves implementing an Asset Performance Management 

platform across Rio Tinto Kennecott to track our mining systems and assets so that we can facilitate safer and more reliable operations at a lower sustainable cost.

“My Purdue Engineering Management master's most importantly taught me how to develop a ‘systemic thinking’ attitude for dealing with complex problem sets. I really attribute this to the management courses that I was able to choose as part of the program curriculum. Within a few weeks into my role, I realized the value of my Engineering Management program when it became evident how the mix of technical and management courses that I took started finding real-life applications. In fact, my manager revealed me that one of the critical reasons why I was selected over other candidates was because of my additional knowledge of business management fundamentals.

“The best piece of advice I have for students considering Purdue’s Engineering Management master’s degree is to make the most of the flexibility that the program offers in terms of choosing course curriculum. Additionally, leverage the network that comes with being at Purdue.

“Perception is one of the single biggest factors driving an individual’s organizational growth, and the fact that one is a Purdue Engineer is bound to give you a head start in your professional career. Having worked globally across the Asia-Pacific and US, I realize the respect that comes with being a Purdue Engineer, and I strive my best every day to make my alma mater proud.”

Ashwin Shridhar

Graduated December 2016

Applied Industrial Technologies, Controls Integration Engineer

“My current role is to perform system integration for custom-built hydraulic machinery. My responsibilities include programming logic controllers, designing a human-machine interface, validating and sometimes creating hydraulic/electric circuit diagrams, troubleshooting the machinery when needed, and effectively interacting with our customers to address their needs. One of my recent projects was to build a fully automated rock drill that the operator can control using a remote.

“Purdue’s Engineering Management program gave me the flexibility to build a course schedule according to my short-term and long-term career goals while also teaching me important skills such as professional communication, networking, resume building, and more.

“For a modern-day company to be productive, people from the engineering department need to efficiently and effectively communicate their requirements and goals to their supervisors, clients, and colleagues. To accomplish this it is valuable to have an understanding of the concepts and language of management along with your technical knowledge.

“Purdue is one of the best schools for studying engineering. Being a Purdue Alum gives me a feeling of pride, honor, and a sense of accomplishing something special.”

David Tang

Graduated May 2017

Ford Motor Company, Central Software Engineer

“My role at Ford Motor Company involves working with multiple teams throughout the company to develop needed software tools. Currently, I am working on a project that uses a gaming engine to generate a testing environment for vehicle features.

“An engineering master’s degree from Purdue is always valued by industry. Beyond that value, being able to choose courses from the engineering curriculum allowed me to develop technical skills tailored to what I wanted to do in my career. Taking the management classes helped me in networking and in communicating effectively with coworkers. Furthermore, the management classes could be very useful in the future for advancing my career into a managerial role.

“For students considering Purdue’s Engineering Management master’s degree, I would advise them to compare the list of engineering courses with their desired career direction. If the courses fit, then Purdue’s Engineering Management graduate program is a great choice. During the program, I would advise students to be proactive in talking with professors in the Krannert School of Management to learn more about that discipline. All my Krannert professors were very friendly and helpful.

“To me, being a Purdue engineer means feeling confident knowing I'm fully qualified for the jobs that I want. It also means being a part of a large network of Purdue engineers all over the world that I can connect with throughout my career.”

Sean Wainwright

Graduated December 2019

Northrop Grumman, Systems Engineer (Future Technical Leaders Program)

“As a Systems Engineer in the Future Technical Leaders (FTL) program at Northrop Grumman, I have an opportunity to work in three different roles over the next three years, in three locations around the country. My first rotation has been in Dulles, Virginia where I have used software- and hardware-related skills to develop a satellite network communications testbed. Recently, I became the task lead so I have been handling budget planning, performing demonstrations for stakeholders, and interviewing candidates for an assistant.

The Purdue MEM program is the reason I secured my job. The management courses gave me a unique perspective and set me apart from other candidates. My internship gave me industry experience and hands-on skills. The flexibility of this program gave me a chance to do an independent study in the Purdue Space Flight Projects Laboratory, and gave me real leadership experience to discuss in my interview.

The value of engineering management is still catching on in the industry. Forward thinking companies like Northrop Grumman have a variety of programs designed to fast-track candidates with engineering and management experience into positions of leadership. The MEM degree is noteworthy when a company is deciding who to invest in for these leadership development programs.

I recommend that future MEM students take full advantage of facilities and opportunities at Purdue University. Join a club. Volunteer at Zucrow Propulsion Lab. Join a team in the Purdue Space Flight Laboratory. Use the machine shop, the electronics lab, or the 3D printing technology at Bechtel Innovation Design Center – you may even be able to get a job there! There are incredible facilities and clubs on campus, free for students, and these experiences will set you apart from your peers.  

Being a Purdue Engineer means joining an elite group of ambitious professionals with a great alumni network. Over 30% of all U.S. Astronauts graduated from Purdue. Whether you start your own small business, join a massive corporation, or travel to Mars, the chances are good that you will work with other Purdue graduates. We stand on the shoulders of giants and we must pursue our dreams accordingly.”


Xinwei "Alexis" Wang

Graduated August 2017

Vital Materials, Sales Engineer

“At Vital Materials, I am responsible for our advance material products with the ultimate goal of growing the company’s market in The United States. Vital Materials is a billion-dollar global company that leads in the Minor Metal and Advance Material markets. The company is headquartered in China and has sales divisions all around the world. When I began, I viewed my role simply as a sales person with some fundamental technical background and product perception. However, after just a brief period meeting with clients I have realized that my role is not limited to a sales force in the U.S. I can also function as an excellent interpreter between the teams to facilitate global communication, where my diversified background has made me standout.

“At our latest global sales meeting held in China, I was able to talk to my colleagues from different countries. In fact, I even had chance to directly present my work to our company President. Typically, this exposure to top leadership does not happen in many other big companies. When I consider all these great opportunities I have already experienced, I truly appreciate what Purdue’s Engineering Management program has brought me.

“I am a proud graduate from Purdue’s Engineering Management master’s program. I’m so glad that I made my choice to join this big family. With years of engineering background, I’ve struggled to find a job that truly fits me in terms of my personality and work experience. Purdue’s Engineering Management master’s program taught me how to integrate my sales potential and technical knowledge so that I can work like an engineer, but think like a business woman.

“I would suggest that students who are considering their graduate school options be calm and be smart. If you have a clear mind that your talent is beyond a strict engineering field, Purdue’s Engineering Management master’s program would be the best place for you to dig out your potential and gain tons of opportunities to create a bright future.”

Yashashree Watkar

Graduated May 2019

Nestle, Process Engineer

"As a Process Engineer, I am responsible for maintaining the balance between plant operations and process design developments. It requires you to engage thoroughly with the engineering-maintenance crew along with the business unit to ensure the smooth functioning of the manufacturing facility. I am utilizing the managerial skills acquired during my time at Purdue to effectively apply the technical knowledge in my area of excellence. Pursuing my Master's in Engineering Management was the stepping stone to build a career in a technical field along with a closer look towards management."

"Purdue's MEM offers flexibility to choose courses from one of the nation's best engineering schools and from a business school led by professors with diverse backgrounds and enormous experience. The program offers a chance to build your career the way you want to shape it. The MEM program provides knowledge and forms a valuable platform for students from different fields to come together for a common cause. We all share the dream of becoming future technical leaders in our areas of expertise."

"As a word of advice from a MEM alum: Never give up, trust your instincts, and always be persistent towards your goal."

Stephen Whitnah

Graduated July 2016

Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Mechanical Engineer

"I am designing the propulsion and electrical harness systems of spacecraft for several customers including NASA and commercial companies from Saudi Arabia and Japan. My role involves a mix of 3D modeling, analysis, testing, and manufacturing support.

"My Purdue Engineering Management master's degree gave me a jump start into [my] industry. Engineers tend to have a reputation as poor communicators, [but] an engineer who sought out a management-focused degree stands out, especially because they can communicate the business implications of technical decisions. Knowledge of both engineering and business is a rare skill, especially for entry-level employees. 

"Purdue engineering is a legacy and a global network. No matter where I am, I find Purdue graduates who are always willing to connect and share their experiences. Purdue engineers are also universally known and respected for their strong work ethic and critical thinking skills."