3D Printing and Laser Cutting

3D Printing at Purdue

3D Printing is an excellent tool for rapid prototyping your concepts. There are many 3D printers available to Purdue students on campus. To get started, submit the below request to the EPICS undergraduate TA's for printing, or visit one of the following links to submit requests to other Purdue facilities.

Prints will completed in order of submission. Please be aware that 3D printers are subject to downtime and maintenance. The printer queue is longest during the week before Design Review, so prints submitted during that week are likely to experience long wait times.

EPICS has two 3D printer models to support teams: a Dremel Idea Builder 3D20 and an Ultimaker 2+ Extended. Both printers have a single print head for monocolor prints. The Dremel printer has a 0.004"(0.1 mm) layer height minimum. The maximum build size is 9" x 5.9" by 5.5". The Ultimaker printer has a finer 0.0008" (0.02 mm) layer height minimum. The Ultimaker has a larger maximum build size at 8.8" x 8.8" x 12".

Other 3D Print Resources:

Purdue 3D Print Club

BoilerMAKER Lab

Bechtel Innovation Design Center

Mechanical Engineering 3D Print Lab

Dremel Digilab

Ultimaker 2 Extended



3D Printing Glossary

EPICS 3D Print Request:

To submit a 3D print request, please visit: https://tinyurl.com/epics3d.  Then, send the .STL file to: epics-ugta@ecn.purdue.edu

For any additional instructions or questions, e-mail: epics-ugta@ecn.putdue.edu


Laser Cutting at EPICS

Laser cutting can be an alternative to 3D printing when one of the dimensions is uniform.  EPICS counts with a 60W laser engraver for 2D prototyping.  Maximum cutting size is 18" x 12" x 1/8" thick, and it can cut acrylic, wood, or cardboard.

Please e-mail requests to epics-ugta@ecn.purdue.edu.

Please include: name and team of the requester, overall size of the part (i.e., length x width), units of measurement, and DXF file of the part.

Other Laser Engraving/Cutting resources:

Bechtel Innovation Design Center