The EPICS labs are dedicated space for building and storing your projects. In a given semester, more than 500 people work in this space. To keep the labs a great place to work and learn, please follow these few simple principles:

Golden Rules of the EPICS Lab

  • Safety is the first priority. Use your common sense and follow the Lab Safety Awareness and Use Guidelines
  • Leave the lab in better condition than you found it. Clean up any messes you make. Put tools and equipment back where they belong. Leave the lab in the condition you'd want others to leave it in for you.
  • Get help when you need it. The EPICS staff, TAs, and UGTAs are all here to help you. Don't get hurt using an unfamiliar tool. Don't struggle endlessly trying to learn something new. Find us, we'll help get you up and running so you can make the most of your time.
  • When in doubt, find EPICS Lab Manager, Brandon Stevens, for assistance.

Safety Resources

EPICS Lab Safety and Use Guidelines Form: to be completed in PurduePassport unless otherwise specified

Armstrong Hall of Engineering Building Emergency Plan (BEP)

EPICS Facilities

EPICS Facilities The EPICS Computer Lab is available exclusively for EPICS students. The lab is equipped with approximately 30 desktop computers, a printer, scanner, and two 3d printers. An ECN account is required to log into the computers. For use of the 3D printers, please complete the 3D Print Request.

The physical prototyping lab is a great space to work on building mechanical prototypes and building your model. There are a variety of hand tools and a fume hood for painting and minor chemical procedures. This is also a common space for storing projects that are too large to fit in a locker.

The build lab is the place for cutting and joining operations. The lab is equipped with a variety of hand and power tools, including a drill press, router, and mitre saw. See your TA, advisor, or the lab manager for use of the powered saws.


The electronics prototyping lab is the perfect place for building your electrical projects. Oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies, soldering irons, and various other instruments are available in this area.