Degree Requirements and Program Policies

Students must complete the requirements of the First-Year Engineering Program before being admitted into either the IDES or MDE.  Students in either IDES or MDE are allowed to take courses from other schools at Purdue, besides Engineering.

Upon entry into this professional school, students will determine which academic pathway best suits their educational and career objectives. Visit the University Course Catalog for more information on each program (IDES or MDE) and degree/graduation requirements. Only the Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Engineering degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

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Students completing all degree requirements will graduate with either a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies degree (BS), or a Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Engineering (BSE) degree, depending on their chosen pathway.  With strong academic performance, students from either program can find exciting opportunities in graduate school, or may choose to pursue a career in industry or other sectors of the global economy.  

Our Program Policies

The following policies are specific to the Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies or Multidisciplinary Engineering programs as detailed in each policy.  If no differentiation in degree program is highlighted,in specific policies, the policy applies to both programs.  If questions remain after reading the document, an appointment should be scheduled with the program academic advisor to help clarify and develop a plan forward.

CODO (Change of Degree Objective) Policy

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

Dual & Second UG Degrees Policy

Honors College Pathways in IDES/MDE

Miscellaneous Program Policies & Exceptions PDF (i.e. grading, credit acceptance, Band, ROTC, EPICS, etc.)

New Beginner Admission Requirements Policy (from FYE)

Probation Policy & Status Impact (meet with program advisor for additional information)

Self-Design Plans of Study – Process Flow Diagram (meet with program advisor for additional information)

Transfer Info (General)

Transfer Admission Policy

Transfer Reflection Questions

Still have questions? Contact us by email at or by phone at (765) 494-7422. You may also make an appointment with the MDE/IDES Advisor, Chris Pekny.

Last Updated September 7, 2022