Transfer Courses from Purdue Regional Campuses

Although the course names and numbers may be different, courses from Purdue’s regional campuses — Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne, Purdue Calumet, and Purdue North Central — are not included in the Transfer Credit Database.

To determine if a course at a Purdue regional campus is considered equivalent to a course at the Purdue West Lafayette campus or if the course is an acceptable substitute for an FYE requirement, students should talk to an FYE Advisor.

Important things to know about transfer credit from Purdue’s regional campuses:

  • The grade will transfer (with the exception of some IUPUI courses – see below for details).
  • If the same course has already been taken at the Purdue West Lafayette campus, then the grade from the equivalent courses(s) at a regional campus will replace the grade in grade point average (GPA) calculations and Engineering Admissions Index (EAI) calculations. If the course number is different, an academic advisor will need to request this change by filing an Academic Record Change Form 350.
  • If the course does not appear on your myPurdue transcript, then you will need to have the regional campus send an official transcript to the following address: Purdue University, Office of Admissions, 475 Stadium Mall Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907.
  • Students may need to contact the First-Year Engineering Program office in mid-July (contact the FYE Advising Office for exact date) if a prerequisite override is needed for a Fall semester course.
  • If the course is the final course required to complete the First-Year Engineering Plan of Study, then the student will need to contact the First-Year Engineering Program office as soon as the credit posts to their myPurdue transcript.

Specific information about different regional campuses:

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)

Purdue students (from the West Lafayette campus) who plan to enroll in courses at IPFW over the summer as a non-degree-seeking student should follow the admission process as described on the following webpage: Temporary Intercampus Transfer Students.  The dates for the summer academic term are available at:

Purdue Northwest (Purdue Calumet)

Purdue-West Lafayette students who want to complete coursework at Purdue-Calumet should:

  1. COMPLETE the admission application at the following web link:
    Select the Intercampus Transfer status. You may also complete a paper application during our two-day visit where you will meet with Purdue University Calumet Admissions and Registration Staff.
  2. REVIEW the Purdue University Calumet Schedule of Classes online at to check for course selection and availability.
  3. CONTACT your current West Lafayette academic advisor for course approval.

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

IMPORTANT: IUPUI is not a Regional Campus. Coursework from the departments of Engineering, Technology or Science at IUPUI will transfer back to Purdue West Lafayette with a grade. Coursework in any other program will not transfer back with a grade.

Information for Purdue students (from the West Lafayette campus) who plan to enroll in IUPUI as a non-degree-seeking student can be found at: Once available, IUPUI summer course offerings will be posted at: The dates for the summer academic term are available at:    


Purdue University Regional Campus Visits

Check with Admissions for details on when representatives from Purdue's regional campuses will be on the West Lafayette campus to assist with summer session registration.