Purdue University Transfer Station Relocation Impact Study

Purdue University’s 2020 Physical Facilities Sustainability Master Plan established goal M-1 to achieve an annual campus waste recycling (diversion) rate of 50% by FY25, aligning with the state of Indiana’s goal (IC 13-20-25-1) to recycle at least fifty percent of its municipal waste. The operational success of this goal is largely dependent on a regional system of public and private organizations who haul, handle and process Purdue University’s municipal solid waste (MSW). An integral part of the local regional system is the Tippecanoe County transfer station, where Purdue currently hauls the majority of its MSW. A plan was released in January 2023 proposing the transfer station relocates notably farther away from campus.

Purdue University Campus Planning, Architecture and Sustainability along with Purdue Grounds is requesting a study to evaluate the significance of the transfer station’s move on Purdue’s operations and to determine the feasibility of measures needed to mitigate any negative effects. There is interest in finding a solution which reduces the operational strain, while also enhancing the economics and increasing the diversion rate.