Environmental Cost/Benefit Analysis of “Tool Rental Library”

As a workwear company, Carhartt is always looking for better ways to serve and protect hardworking people, and is heavily invested in supporting the communities in which they operate. As part of that goal, they opened the “Carhartt Workshop” in 2020. The Workshop, which is situated above Carhartt’s flagship retail store in Detroit, MI, is a free-to-use tool rental library and knowledge source for hard working people that seek to make their community a better place to live. This project will seek to assess and quantify the carbon emissions impact of a “tool rental library” for home renovation projects, as compared to typical consumer activity of purchasing tools as needed for a given project. This study will mostly focus on the entire-value chain greenhouse gas emissions from such a library, using data from the Carhartt Workshop and aligning the approach with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This project hopes to support other such tool rental libraries in their own journey, by showcasing the positive impact they can have on the environment, beyond their community impact.