Urban Stormwater Reduction Services

The Wabash River Enhancement Corporation (WREC) is a 501c3 nonprofit agency. WREC leads community efforts to develop long range plans to improve the riverfront, the river corridor, and water quality; and engages the community in the implementation of these improvements. WREC's mission is to enhance the quality of life in the Wabash River Corridor by creating sustainable opportunities to improve health, recreation, education, economic development, and environmental management.

The process of developing infrastructure for outdoor recreation starts with land acquisition. WREC has been purchasing riverfront property for the past decade. One of these pieces of land has been managed the past two years to remove invasive plants and improve the forest ecosystem. We are approaching the point of building infrastructure and opening it to the public for hiking. The infrastructure needs include a parking lot, trails on flat surfaces, trails on slopes, small bridges to span creeks and washes, and potentially an overlook structure on the savanna. The team will design ADA compliant infrastructure for this property considering sustainability and land stewardship.