Renewable Energy Study at Heidelberg Materials, Logansport, IN

Heidelberg Materials has committed to reducing CO2 emissions globally by almost half of 1990 levels to reach 400 kgCO2/tonne cement, the lowest in the cement industry. These aggressive CO2 reduction targets will need to include reduction of Scope 1 (primary processing), 2 (electricity) and 3 (transportation and distribution) emissions. In addition, they have also committed to reduce CO2 emissions from electrical power consumption by at least 65% by 2030 compared to 2016 levels.

The team will create an in-depth analysis of all potential considerations surrounding an investment in renewable energy. Items to consider should include, but not be limited to, general feasibility, cost, size/scope of the project, CO2 reduction potential, energy generated, return on investment, maintenance, public relations, and physical footprint of the site.