Purdue University CSO Elimination Strategy Development

Purdue University’s 2020 Physical Facilities Sustainability Master Plan goal W-2 is to develop a strategy to eliminate the combined sewer overflow (CSO) on campus. A priority water pollution concern, the remaining campus CSO connections can spill untreated wastewater into the Wabash River during a heavy storm event. A group of campus entities and consultant groups, including the University’s Campus Planning, Architecture and Sustainability Group (CPAS), have been actively working on projects removing the connections and developing the elimination strategy, with several completed and ongoing studies providing findings on the status of existing campus sewer and stormwater systems.

To aid in development of the CSO elimination strategy, CPAS is requesting the team provide deliverables that will frame the issue, create guiding analytics, and develop tools for accurate and transparent reporting. The deliverables should include, but not be limited to, a campus CSO system map (preferably within GIS) and a report evaluating areas of the CSO system with the highest need of elimination.