Sustainability Assessment of Dow Agro Sciences Formulated Agricultural Products

Agricultural crop protection formulations are comprised of active ingredients, surfactants, solvents, and other constituents. Many manufacturers are seeking information about which parts of a product lifecycle exert the greatest impact on the environment to create a more environmentally friendly product.

Dow AgroSciences is particularly interested in the solvent component of their product formulations.  The objective of this project is to develop a decision-making process that will lead to agricultural product formulations that are more environmentally beneficial and sustainable. A key step will be communicating with Dow AgroSciences about what aspects of the solvent’s life cycle are important to the company so that an appropriate impact assessment is developed. 


Senior Design Team update:

The Dow AgroSciences Formulation Assessment Team is working with Dow AgroSciences LLC located in Indianapolis, IN, in order to develop a business-case Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA). This LCA will allow our clients to investigate and justify whether or not replacing petroleum-based solvents with plant-based solvents in their product formulations will be advantageous to their business. The formulations analyzed in this project are mainly pesticides and herbicides and as of now, Dow utilizes petroleum-based solvents to dissolve or disperse the active ingredient in their products. The team looks forward to assisting Dow with making the best-informed decisions possible regarding their agricultural product formulations that allow them to lower their environmental impacts as well as achieve their sustainability goals.