Lindsey Payne inducted into the Purdue University Teaching Academy

Lindsey Payne, a graduate student in the Ecological Sciences and Engineering Graduate Program, has been honored for her outstanding teaching of Environmental and Ecological Engineering courses. Payne was one of eleven inductees into the Purdue University Teaching Academy on September 24. Payne co-teaches EEE 35500, Engineering Environmental Sustainability, and developed a new course, EEE 49500, Urban Water Projects.

The Purdue University Teaching Academy recognizes candidates based on their excellence in teaching, innovation in teaching methodology, teaching-related service, and scholarship in teaching and learning. A video of Lindsey's teaching philosophy is available here.  Pictured with Lindsey are John Sutherland, Professor and Fehsenfeld Head of EEE (left) and Loring (Larry) Nies, Professor of EEE and CE (right).