Mike Moya

Engineering Computer Network
Director - Research Computing And Infrastructure Services
Office: EE EE280
Phone: +1 765 49-42349

Mike Moya is Manager of the ECN's Software Group. He has been a part of the ECN team since 1986 when he began as a student wiring technician for the hardware staff. He has two undergraduate degrees (Computer Science and Supervision) and is a MS candidate in Educational Computing and Instructional Development. In 1988, he became a UNIX systems programmer where he mainly did VAX, Gould, and Sun system administration programming. At that time he also coordinated the growing movement to put Macintosh and PC systems onto the network.

A typical morning at the office has Mike first checking the work queue. He takes on any emergencies that need immediate attention. Once those are finished, he wades through his email. Once completed, Mike either works on non-emergency work orders in the work queue or meets with his staff to check their progress with older work orders. He tries to eliminate barriers that can prevent work completion. It is not uncommon to see Mike working side by side with someone on his team or the hardware staff troubleshooting a problem. He tries to handle all tasks which might detract or slow the progress of his individual team. In that way, the group is able to function as a unit; large amounts of work are completed in a timely and efficient manner. Mike facilitates work with PDN to ensure seamless integration of the Purdue Data Network (PDN) wiring with older legacy ECN networks.

Outside of the office, Mike is a self-admitted golf-a-holic. He plays as often as possible in Spring and Summer by hitting the course before everyone else is even awake. He runs 40-50 miles a week and competes in several marathons or triathlons every year. He enjoys woodworking and restoring his house. Mike is married; he and his wife, Rhonda, have two daughters, Sandy and Jessica, and two dogs (Bear and Cocoa).