Sundeep Rao

Engineering Computer Network
Senior Site Manager
Office: MSEE 130D
Phone: +1 765 49-44326

Sundeep Rao at work The User and Desktop Support Group of the ECN is expected to evolve to cater to the needs of all of the College of Engineering. The UDS support model has been successfully implemented in AAE, ECE, IE, MSE, NE, the Engineering Business Offices, the Engineering Dean's Office, Discovery Park, and the College of Technology. Sundeep is the Senior Site manager of the ECN. His group is the communication arm of the User and Desktop Support Group.

Sundeep has a large variety of interests including reading and music. He is an avid fan of World Music and collects ethnic musical instruments. He currently owns several Jaw Harps (also called Mouth Harps or Jew's Harps), hand-drums and yidaka (didgeridoos), among other instruments. Sundeep is often seen walking around with them trying to find a good acoustic location in which to play them. He is valiantly trying to learn Central Asian (Tuvan) Throat singing (Khoomei). He learned traditional West African djembe under the excellent tutelage of Yaya Kabo, and later under the Guinean Master Bolokada Conde. He also took beginner West African Dance lessons under the tutelage of Idy Ciss. His favorite pastime of all, however, is cracking puns: he is a self-dubbed PUNdit.