Mark Senn

Engineering Computer Network
Systems Programmer
Office: EE 270
Phone: +1 765 49-45450

Mark monitors the operation of the computer account administration software and writes other software as needed. Mark wrote and supports the LaTeX puthesis document class for doing Purdue theses and dissertations. He also answers questions on the Emacs text editor, LaTeX typesetting system, Mathematica technical computing environment, and the Perl programming language.

He also co-founded the local Purdue Perl Mongers group, does consulting, and founded the Purdue Mathematica Users Group.

Mark earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with distinction from Purdue in Interdisciplinary Engineering (mostly software) in 1983. After working at several different software jobs he started at ECN in 1996. He's married with two grown daughters.

Last Updated: 8/2012