Gifted Education Research Institute Summer Camps

Course: Marvelous Bridges

  Every summer the Purdue College of Education runs camps for gifted and talented students. The Gifted Education Research Institute summer residential camps offer opportunities to students in all levels of primary and secondary education.


  The students of the GERI program stay at Purdue and live in Hillenbrand Hall for one week. They have their choice of programs to study and courses to take. Course options range from 3-D modeling, Shakespeare, and Economics to Chemistry, Astronautics, and Ceramics.


  Students in the Marvelous Bridges class studied bridge design, researched bridges, visited covered bridges, designed and constructed toothpick bridges as they worked within a budget. They created their own engineering firm and built the bridges to a specified code.


  This course was geared towards fifth and sixth graders and the participants in this particular class ranged between 10 and 12 years old. Their hometowns could be found in places as far away as Arkansas, and Washington D.C., and as close as Illinois and Indianapolis.

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