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Purdue Boilermaker Train from ECN Coloring Book

Boilermaker Special from the ECN Coloring Book

Where Am I
How well do you know Purdue's Campus? Play our game and try to guess what you're looking at.
Purdue Pete History
Learn about Purdue's hammer-wielding mascot.
Coloring Book
A Purdue University themed, online coloring book. Choose from a wide variety of images to personalize with your own colors.
Purdue Belltower
Information and history about the Purdue Belltowers, past and present.
ECN Webcams
A collection of links to web cameras that are maintained by the Engineering Computer Network.
Slide the tiles to reveal a picture from the Purdue campus.
Art in Engineering
You can find art all throughout Purdue's Engineering just have to know where to look!
Marvelous Bridges
The Gifted Education Research Institute (a division of the School of Education) hosts summer camps for young students. Marvelous Bridges is one of the courses offered at the camp.