My journey till Unilever

Wilson Lee

As a double boilermaker, my relationship with Purdue is very special and I owe my career success to the school. After my undergrad degree in chemical engineering with a concentration in polymer, I knew I wanted to learn more. I chose the PMP degree in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in data science. A masters level degree helped me build critical thinking, understand how to analyze data and importantly acquire management skills. At multiple instances through course curriculum and activities, I was given opportunities to think outside the box and broaden my horizon.   
With management skills, I understood how projects can drive business impact and how success metrics for it could be defined. These are skills which come in handy when having discussions with the business aspect managers at work. After my capstone project with Unilever, I joined them full time as a process engineer at the plant. All credits to the capstone program, I could get an insight into what a full-time role at the company would look like. For me, I developed a DOE (design of experiment) for the soap making process, which closely align with my full time role.
For those considering the PMP program, I strongly encourage you to keep an open mind about different roles and companies. You never know where your true interests and talents may lie. In end, it doesn’t matter where you start rather how much you grow from it, so take all the chances and embrace all opportunities during and after the course.  
For example, I always thought I wanted to be in research and development, but the program helped me realize that I was more suited for operations.  
Looking back on my journey, I am amazed at how much I have learned and grown. Be rest assured that the program will set you up for success by providing opportunities for teamwork, brainstorming, data analysis, and communication – all of which are essential skills in the professional world.