Meet Nanditha!

Nanditha Rajeshwari Malyala, M.S, Chemical Engineering, May 2024

As a Davidson School of Chemical Engineering Professional Master’s Program candidate to graduate in December 2023, my journey has been one of incredible growth and transformation. When I embarked on this path, I knew I wanted to combine my passion for engineering with the management aspect of the field. The PMP program provided the perfect opportunity to explore both areas.

The first two months of the program proved to be transformative for my career. During this time, I participated in career fairs, received valuable resume reviews, and engaged in professional profile development sessions. My involvement as the Professional Development Chair in the Purdue Graduate Student Organization also honed my initiative-taking and communication abilities. These activities highlighted the importance of presenting myself effectively to potential employers.

With the guidance of my mentor, Bev Mentzer, I gained clarity on my interests, honed my professional profile, and crafted a polished resume that showcased my skills and aspirations. Purdue University's resources, including the Center for Career Opportunities booklet, provided invaluable advice on resume building and interview preparation. Armed with these tools, I felt confident and ready to embark on my job search.

Although the career fair didn't yield an internship offer, it provided valuable insights into what employers were seeking. I used this feedback to tailor my approach, focusing on process engineering internships. Eventually to my delight, I secured an internship at Bayer, a pivotal moment in my Master’s journey.

Joining Bayer was an enriching experience that allowed me to apply my chemical engineering background to real-world projects. I actively contributed to managing changes in process and equipment, participating in relocation projects, and contributing to Process Hazard Analysis and Root Cause Analyses. These experiences deepened my technical skills and highlighted the critical importance of process safety, reliability, communication, and teamwork in industry settings.

Reflecting on my coursework at Purdue, I recognized the close relevance of specific subjects in my internship. “Statistical Methods in Chemical Engineering” and “Data Mining” were invaluable in analyzing complex datasets and drawing meaningful conclusions. It was also thrilling to observe the applications of concepts that I learnt in my “Process Synthesis” course.

Looking ahead, I am excited to leverage my internship experience in my upcoming Capstone project. I aspire to work on an industrial project that aligns with my passion for Process Engineering. I believe that my skills and experiences will enable me to shape my approach towards this project.

My advice to current and incoming students would be to refine their career aspirations and tailor their professional profile accordingly. They must craft a polished resume that highlights their skills and experiences. Finally, they should invest in effective communication, networking, and building connections, start exploring internship opportunities early, and make the most of Purdue's resources, such as the Center for Career Opportunities and Career Fairs.

In conclusion, my journey so far as a PMP student, coupled with my rewarding Co-op experience at Bayer, has been characterized by new experiences, continuous learning, and gratitude. I am immensely grateful to the PMP Program Director, Dr. William Clark, and Program Manager, Julayne Moser, for their continued support. With the knowledge, skills, and support that I have acquired at Purdue, I am eager and optimistic to embrace future challenges and opportunities.