Meet Harshit!

Harshit Bajpai, M.S., Chemical Engineering-Data Science Concentration, 2018

Following my undergraduate studies in chemical engineering, I gained over a year of experience working at a manufacturing site in India. Transitioning into the Purdue University Davidson School of Chemical Engineering Professional MS program presented me with numerous opportunities that significantly advanced my career. The decision to pursue this program was an easy one for me. Firstly, the non-thesis nature of the program assured me that it would provide professional skill development alongside business school experience. Moreover, the curriculum's combination of industry-relevant courses and flexibility was highly appealing.

Presently, I hold the position of Principal Data Scientist at Mosaic Co., a global crop nutrient manufacturer. Within the organization, I spearhead the machine learning strategy, which aligns with my personal passion. My journey towards joining a Fortune 500 company solidified with Dr. Thompson's Bayesian Statistics for Chemical Engineers' class. This class provided me with a lot of clarity and understanding for my future career. Building on this interest, I completed a capstone program specializing in data science. The focus of my capstone project was to predict volatility in electrical prices, an experience that played a crucial role in establishing myself as a data scientist. Additionally, I took on a leadership role as the president of The Chemical Engineering Professional Graduate Student Organization (ChE PGSO), which honed my communication and decision-making skills.

For those considering joining this program or already enrolled, I would advise conducting thorough research and identifying your niche. In addition to exploration online, make the most of opportunities to connect with professionals and individuals from various departments on campus. Create a vision board outlining your dream job and the necessary skills, then work backward to identify any gaps that can be filled through coursework or consultations with professors and students. Purdue University fosters an open environment that appreciates innovative thinking, so leverage this time and embrace learning new things without hesitation. When I arrived on campus, my goal was academic growth, but I graduated with far more knowledge and connections than I had anticipated.