Meet Ashwin!

Ashwin Srinivas Venkatakrishnan, M.S., Chemical Engineering- Pharmaceutical Engineering Specialization, May 2023

Having an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, I selected Purdue University's Professional Master's Program (PMP) in Chemical Engineering because of the rich course content, skills, and professional guidance offered in this program. The PMP program offered me a unique and dynamic path, different from the traditional thesis-based master's degree, and propelled me towards achieving my career aspirations in the industry.

One of the standout features of the program, in my opinion, was the comprehensive management courses offered in collaboration with the renowned Daniels School of Business. These courses equipped me with essential skills necessary for excelling in the industry. However, it was the capstone project that truly left a lasting impact on my professional growth. I had the opportunity to lead a project focused on process safety, which provided me with invaluable knowledge and honed my teamwork and project management abilities.

Another pivotal moment for me was my eight-month internship at Bayer, where I immersed myself in technology transfer and process development. This experience allowed me to gain profound insights into the inner workings of the industry, strengthening my understanding and enhancing my skill set.

Reflecting on the program, I must emphasize the availability of various concentration options for current and incoming students, as these options allowed me to specialize in the pharmaceutical sector. Two specific courses, ‘Physical Chemical Principles in Pharma’ and ‘Pharmaceutical Process Development and Design,’ played a crucial role in securing my internship and subsequent job offer. The integration of technical expertise with management courses, such as ‘Operations Management,’ bridged the gap between academic knowledge and industry demands.

I also want to highlight the significance of the Purdue career fairs, particularly for international students like me navigating the U.S. job market. These fairs proved to be highly constructive, sharpening my soft skills and facilitating valuable connections.

My experience in Purdue's PMP program in Chemical Engineering exemplifies its efficacy in preparing students for successful careers in the industry. I would recommend recent and potential graduates to not only focus on academic learning but also take full advantage of career fairs, projects, workshops, and faculty advice offered in this program. Through rigorous management courses, the inspirational capstone project, and the impactful internship at Bayer, I not only acquired practical skills and industry exposure but also developed a specialized focus on the pharmaceutical sector. Equipped with a well-rounded skill set, deep technical knowledge, and unwavering determination, I am more confident and ready than ever to seize new opportunities and make a lasting impact on the industry.