Maximizing my academic journey at Purdue!

Linkun Dong

After completing my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering in China, I sought to deepen my knowledge in this field. That's when I discovered the PMP program at Purdue University. This professional master's program promised to provide the insights and expertise necessary to fast-track my career in the United States. I decided to concentrate my studies on pharmaceuticals. Currently, I hold the position of Project Manager at P&G on the West Coast.

For me, the most exciting part of my academic journey began with orientation. During those initial days, we delved into understanding the school and the job market. As an international student, this experience proved immensely insightful. I gained knowledge about interview techniques, resume building, and effective job market navigation right from the start. This early preparation gave me a significant advantage when seeking employment upon graduation.

Moreover, the courses exceeded my expectations and went beyond what was promised in the program brochure. Courses such as Operations Management provided invaluable exposure, and I continue to derive substantial value from them in my day-to-day work.

My advice to current and prospective students is to define your career path early on. While we all graduate from the same program and institution, each student has unique goals. Seek out capstone projects and internships that align with your objectives and work diligently to achieve them. Never hesitate to apply for a job; without an application, you'll never know if an opportunity exists. Whether you have prior industry experience or not, confidence, hard work, and supportive mentorship can propel you towards success in your chosen career.