Key Learnings from My Journey in Purdue's Professional Master’s Program

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Jash Asher

Reflecting on my tenure at Purdue University, where I completed a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and pursued a minor in Management, fills me with immense pride and gratitude. My path through the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering was driven by a strong passion for science and inspired by my family’s business background. This blend of interests led me to Purdue, a place renowned for its rigorous engineering education and insightful business teachings.


Advancing to Purdue's Chemical Engineering Professional Master's Program was a seamless and exciting step forward in my academic and career journey. This program was more than just a continuation of my undergraduate studies; it was a deep dive into the world of chemical engineering, enriched with vital management principles. The program offered a unique opportunity to explore complex chemical engineering topics while also emphasizing the importance of management in this field, aligning perfectly with my desire to merge technical expertise with business strategy.


A highlight of my experience at Purdue was the wide array of seminars and development series provided by the program. These sessions, led by experienced industry professionals and successful Purdue alumni, opened up a realm of knowledge. The insights from MBA graduates and seasoned process engineers presented diverse career perspectives, greatly enhancing my understanding of the various opportunities in this field. These experiences were not just educational but transformative, significantly influencing my career direction and goals.


As I move forward in my professional life, the knowledge and experiences gained at Purdue continue to guide me. The program did more than refine my technical abilities; it deepened my understanding of the crucial interplay between engineering and business. This comprehensive educational experience has prepared me to navigate the complex challenges of today's dynamic and interdisciplinary professional landscape. My journey at Purdue, filled with learning, personal growth, and self-discovery, has been an incredibly transformative chapter of my life, one that I hold in high esteem and will always look back on fondly.