From Classroom to career

Samuel Carew

Having completed my undergraduate studies in chemistry with a minor in marketing and business, I was eager to expand my knowledge in the field and explore new concepts. As a result, I opted to pursue the Professional Master's degree in Chemical Engineering with a focus in energy systems fundamentals and processes at Purdue. I was apprehensive about fitting in with the program as I enrolled immediately after completing my undergraduate studies. To my delight, the program exceeded my expectations in terms of its design and suitability for students of all backgrounds. It was a fantastic melting pot of diverse topics and individuals with various skills and experiences. As a chemistry student, I had always learned about how things work in theory, but this program gave me exposure to the reasons why they work in the real industry of chemical engineering. This is the value proposition that PMP ChemE graduates bring to the workforce. It accelerated my career and gave me the thought process of an engineer with business acumen that laid the groundwork for my professional career. I currently work as an engineer in the manufacturing science and technology department for drug production at Catalent, which aligns with my passion and expertise.

During my time at Purdue, I learned to embrace uncertainty. As a concentration major in energy with a capstone in the pharmaceutical industry and having completed a quarter of my course online due to the COVID pandemic, I have gained invaluable experience embracing unknown challenges. Transferable skills such as time management, communication, leadership and critical thinking that I acquired at Purdue helped me navigate through all these changes with confidence. Meeting people from various continents with diverse corporate or academic experiences made me realize how I could derive value from each classroom discussion.

So, to current or prospective students in this program, I would say to embrace all challenges, undertake capstone projects that challenge your thinking, and you might end up in a place you never imagined for yourself. The learning curve in this program is not limited to the classroom; it provides ample opportunities to network, work in the industry, and, most importantly, learn how to build your personal brand to add value to employers. In one word, if I had to summarize my experience , I would say it was transformative, and I am confident it will be for anyone who chooses to take their next giant leap with PMP ChemE. If you are at Purdue, rest assured that you are in the right place.