Charting my Path in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Amanda King
Amanda King

Having completed my undergraduate studies in chemical engineering, I developed a strong interest in further exploring the pharmaceutical field. With unwavering determination, I made the decision to enroll in the PMP program at Purdue University. The concentration in pharmaceutical engineering was particularly enticing to me, serving as a driving force behind my pursuit of this degree.

During my time on campus, I took advantage of the opportunity to delve into more specialized courses in pharmaceutical engineering. These classes played a crucial role in strengthening my knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals. The classes provided me valuable insights into the industry that later became significant talking points during interviews.

Immediately after graduating, I joined Catalent's Manufacturing Science and Technology department within the Drug Product Division located in Bloomington, Indiana. Since then, I have held two distinct roles within the department. Initially, I served as a technical transfer project engineer before transitioning into my current position as a senior engineer overseeing the single-use systems platform.

Among the classes I found most enjoyable were those focused on drug development and engineering management, as they were deeply rooted in practicality. One particular course, centered on project management, taught us how to handle projects from a cost perspective and implement pricing strategies. These skills, acquired during my studies, effectively bridged the gap between being a student of chemical engineering and a professional in the industry.

Moreover, one of the most advantageous aspects of the program was the freedom to chart one's own path. The intimate classroom settings facilitated connections with classmates and professors, whose guidance and diverse experiences in various fields helped me navigate my personal journey and find the ideal role within the industry.

Drawing from my six years of industry experience, I would recommend recent graduates to not only showcase their skills to potential employers but also emphasize their willingness to learn and problem-solving abilities. Companies are eager to hire individuals who possess a thirst for knowledge and are adept at addressing challenges.

Additionally, being an effective communicator is paramount since you will interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds, departments, and roles. Purdue University offers ample opportunities to enhance these communication skills through talks, seminars, and the chance to gain different perspectives and meet new people. I am confident that this degree will provide you with knowledge beyond the classroom and bring you closer to realizing your career aspirations.