Outstanding Chemical Engineers

2015 Norm Kidder (BSChE ’73), President and CEO, Lomar Corporation

John Klier (MSChE ’86, PhD ’89), Global R&D Director for Performance Materials and Chemicals, The Dow Chemical Company

Seung Bin Park (PhD ’88), Vice President for Planning and Budget, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Julia Myers Ross (BSChE ’90), Dean of the College of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Charles E. Smith (BSChE ’80), President and CEO, Countrymark Cooperative Holding Corporation

Vijay Swarup (BSChE ’86), Vice President of Research and Development, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company

Rob Crane (MSChE '94, PhD '97), Strategy and Planning Executive, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
Richard Korsmeyer (MSChE '80, PhD '83), Senior Research Fellow and Head of External Technology and Collaborations for Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer Inc.
Jeff Lievense (PhD '84), Executive Vice President of Process Technology, Genomatica
Steve Murrill (BSChE '71), President and Owner, Profile Plastics
Jennifer Sinclair Curtis (BS ’83), Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Engineering at the University of Florida
Ronald J. Unnerstall (BS ’83), Vice President of BP Refining and Logistics Technology
Kristi Anseth (BSChE '92), Tisone Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado; Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, University of Colorado
William R. Clark (BS ’82, MS ’94), Vice President, Medical Strategy and Therapy Development for Gambro (subsidiary of Baxter International, Inc.)
Bruce E. Dale (PhD ’79), Professor of Chemical Engineering and former Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Michigan State University
Marilyn Glenn Forney (BS ’47), Volunteer leader of nonprofit organizations
Gregory R. Lewis (BS ’82), Corporate Vice President, Global Risk Management and Chief Ethics Officer for The Lubrizol Corporation (retired)
Richard A. Narta (BS ’80), Global Feedstock and Optimization Manager for ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Steven J. Swanson (BS ’71, MS ’72, PhD ’75), Global Process Engineering Manager for Chemicals Major Projects for Shell Oil Company (retired)
James Hoover (BSChE '49), Director of Systems Security, Eli Lilly (retired)
Gerald Skidmore (BSChE '54), owner, Skidmore Sales and Distributing Company, Inc.
Norman Gilsdorf (BS '77), President, Honeywell Process Solutions
William Greer (BS '45, MS '49), Executive Director for Production Services, Eli Lilly (retired)
Harold Igdaloff (BS '47), President, Sungro
Peter Kraemer (BS '88), Vice President for Supply, Anheuser-Busch
2009 Henry Sampson (BSChE '56), Director, Director of Mission Development and Operations of the Space Test Program (retired), Aerospace Corporation
Mary Ellen Weber (BSChE '84), Vice President, Governmental Affairs and Policy, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas
2008 Roberta Gleiter (BSChE '60), CEO, Global Institute for Technology and Engineering and Engineering Consultant, Aerospace Corporation
Antonios Mikos (PhD '88), J. W. Cox Professor of Chemical and Bioemolecular Engineering, Rice University
Gary Poehlein (BSChE '58, MSChE '63, PhD '66), Director, School of Chemical Engineering, Georgia Tech (retired) and Director, CTS Division , NSF (retired)
2007 Pierre R. Latour (MS '64, PhD '66), President, CLIFFTENT, Inc.
Duncan A. Mellichamp (PhD '64), Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara.
2006 Michael Ladisch (MS '74, PhD '77), Director of the Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering and Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University.
James H. Rust (BS '58, PhD '65), Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Georgia Tech (ret.).
James B. Stake (BS '74), Executive Vice President, 3M.
Arindam Bose (PhD '80), Executive Director of Biologics Strategy and Alliances, Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer.
Charles Davidson (BS '72), President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board, Noble Energy, Inc.
Robert Weist (BS '62), President, Weist Associates.
Joseph Alford (BS '66), Engineering Advisor, Eli Lilly.
Susan Hardman (BS '83), Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Intersil Corporation.
Rick Roberts (BS '76), Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company.
Lloyd Robeson (BS '64)
Paul A. Dickensheets (BS '74, MS '76), Vice President & General Manager, Interior Systems and Engineering Operations, Johnson Controls-ASG.
Ben Lipps Jr. (BS '62)
Tom Maliszewski (BS '73), Senior Process Engineering Associate (Retired), Dow Chemical Company. 
Michael J. Graff (MS '79), President, BP Polymers Americas.
Donald Lamberson (BS '53)
Michael Ott (BS '74), President, Polysciences.
Nicholas A. Peppas, Showalter Distinguished Professor, Purdue University. 
Ellen Tobias (BS '83), General Manager, Clinton Laboratories, Eli Lilly and Company.
Max Downhan (BS '58), Executive Director, International College of Surgeons and retired Vice President of NutraSweet Corporation.
Donald Dunner (BS '53)
Jeffrey Hemmer (BS '80), Vice President, Customer Supply Chain, Lyondell, Houston, TX.
Jay Ihlenfeld (BS '74)
Dr. Brian Stutts (PhD '83), Manager, Corning Inc., Corning, NY.
2000 Robert N. Davis (BS '68), General Manager, Worldwide Hydrocarbons, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Dr. Abbie Griffin (BS '74), Professor of Business Administration, University of Illinois.
Dr. Robert Hannemann (BS '52) Visiting Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, and Pediatrician, Arnett Clinic.
Robert D. McNeeley (BS '67) President, Reilly Industries, Inc.
Todd Gehr (BS '76)
Stanley Gembicki (BSChE '64), Chief Technology Officer, UOP.
Richard Grabham (BSChE '70), Vice President - Global Polypropylene, ExxonMobil Chemical Co.
Emily Liggett (BSChE '77), President, Liggett Associates.
David Pershing (BSChE '70), Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs, University of Utah.
Guy J. Camarata (BS '60), Executive Vice President and Director, Caltex Petroleum Corp., Dallas, TX.
Charles Kline (BS '61)
Frank Becker ( BS '59)
Andrew L. Crowe (BS '68), Director, Minority Business Development, Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis, IN.
Dr. Eleftherios Terry Papoutsakis (MS '77, PhD '80), Professor Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.
Robert Buckman (BS '59), Chairman of the Baord and Chief Executive Officer, Buckman Laboratories.
Ching-Tien Liou (MS '71, PhD '72)
David Rea (BS '62)
Thomas B. Storer (BS '59), Director, Human Resources Service Company, DuPont company.
Sarah M. Willoughby (PhD '50), Retired - Professor Emerita, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Texas at Arlington.
R. William Eykamp (BS '58), retired from Abcor, Inc.
Che-I Kao (MS '66, PhD '69)
Craig McLaughlin (BS '68, MS '70, PhD '72), President, Texaco Development Corp.
William E. Smith III (BS '69), Executive Director of Engineering and Manufacturing Services, Eli Lilly & Company.
Deborah L. Grubbe (BS '77), Engineering Manager, DuPont Specialty Chemicals.
Richard Hazleton (BS '64, MS '66)
Lowell B. Koppel former Professor of Chemical Engineering, now at SETPOINT, Inc.
Philip L. Krug (BS '52), Executive Vice President, Lubrizol Corporation.
John C. Lillich (BS '63), Corporate Director of Mergers & Acquisitions and Investor Relations, The Dow Chemical Company.
Joe Stewart (BS '59)
William Young (BS '66)
S. George Bankoff (PhD '52)
William Bares (BS '63)
Andrew C. Barnes (BS '75), President, Mycogen Corporation.
Robert Becherer (BS '23)
Donald Brophy (BS '42)
Bernard Butcher (BS '50)
John Ciborski (BS '39)
Alexander Clarke (BS '41)
Robert Covalt (BS '53)
Robert Forney (BS '47, MS '48, PhD '50)
Robert Gadomski (BS '69)
Bruce Gonser (BS '23)
Frederick Haas (BS '57)
William Harris Jr. (BS '40, MS '40)
James Henderson (BS '46, PhD '49)
John Hesselberth (BS '62, MS '64)
Thomas Hodgson (BS '63)
John Horner (BS '46, PhD '50)
Harold Hunsicker (BS '36)
Roberto Lee (BS '60, PhD '64), Group Consultant, Monsanto Chemical Company.
A.W. Lutz (BS '55)
John Lux (BS '39, PhD '42)
J. Timothy McGinley (BS '63)
Roger Moser (BS '51)
Gordon Mounts (BS '57, MS '59)
Randall Murill Jr. (BS '42)
Paul Oreffice (BS '49)
Donald Orr (BS '61)
Michael Ramage (BS '66, MS '69, PhD '71)
Henry J. Ramey Jr. (BS '49, PhD '52)
Robert Reid (BS '50, MS '51)
Harold Ritchey (BS '34)
John Roorda (BS '43, PhD '49)
Samuel Salem (BS '49, MS '50)
Dave Schornstein (BS '50)
James Schorr (BS '54)
Yen-Ping Shih (PhD '67)
John Siegesmund (BS '19)
Edward Steinhoff (BS '56)
Miller W. Swaney (PhD '35), retired Exxon Chemical Company.
Joseph Temple Jr. (BS '51)
Francis Theis (BS '41)
Vern Weekman (BS '53)
Maynard Wheeler (BS '25)
Robert Wheeler (BS '37)
Robert Winslow (BS '43)
William Wishlinski (BS '68)
Jamie Wisniak (PhD '60)
1992 Alan H. Fox (BS '55), President, Fox Products Corporation.
Robert LaFortune (BS '51), President, R.J. LaFortune Oil Co.
1991 Donald E. Hannemann (BS '52, MS '57), Director of Research for Chemical Intermediates, Styrene and Olefins, Amoco Chemical Co.
Linda L. Huff (BS '70), President, Huff & Huff, Inc. (Environmental Consultants).
Rohit Khanna (PhD '79), Vice President, Data Products, Waters, Division of Millipore.
1990 Robert N. Postlethwait (BS '70), Executive Director of Engineering, Eli Lilly & Company.
William P. Madar (BS '61), Executive Vice President, Nordson Corporation.
Norman W. Pruitt (BS '48), Chairman, Nitropen Limited.
1989 Robert T. Henson (BS '36), Chief Executive Officer, Flexible Products Company.
William M. Schmitt, (BS '64), Vice President, International, Olin Corporation.
Robert P. Bringer (BS '52, PhD '56), Vice President, 3M Company.
1998 Albert Bernard (BS '50)