Graduate Degrees

May 2020


Ganesh, Sudarshan
Advisor: Reklaitis/Nagy
Dissertation Title: Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Systems Integration for Process Operations Management
UG Institution: Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

Harvey, David
Advisors: Wang
Dissertation Title: Separation and Purification of Rare Earth Elements and Other Valuable Products from Fly Ash
UG Institution: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Kester, Phil
Advisor: Gounder
Dissertation Title: Site Requirements of Light Alkane Activation in Bronsted and Lewis Acid Molecular Sieves
UG Institution: Ohio State University

Li, Yiru
Advisor: Agrawal
Dissertation Title: Energy System Modeling towards a Sustainable Future
UG Institution: Tsinghua University, Beijing

Mitchell, Garrett
Advisor: Ribeiro
Dissertation Title: TEM Characterization and Analysis of Au and Pt Catalyst Active Sites
UG Institution: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Ni, Yelin
Advisor: Caruthers
Dissertation Title: The Effects of Physical Aging and Deformation on the Viscoelastic Behaviors of Glassy Polymers
UG Institution: Zhejiang University

Ray, Shaunak
Advisor: Morgan
Dissertation Title: Metabolic Engineering of Plants
UG Institution: University of Waterloo

Vema, Parul
Advisor: Ramkrishna
Dissertation Title: Towards Understanding Neuropathy from Cancer Chemotherapy and Pathophysiology of Pain Sensation: An Engineering Approach
UG Institution: Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

MS Degree with Thesis

Xu, Yibo
Advisor: Bao
Thesis Title: Non-coding RNA Regulators Induce Human Cardiomyocyte Proliferation
UG Institution: 


December 2020


Aboulmouna, Lina
Advisor: Ramkrishna
Dissertation Title: Towards Cybernetic Modeling of Biological Processes in Mammalian Systems-Lipid Metabolism in the Murine Macrophage
UG Institution: Vanderbilt University

Chavez Velasco, Adrian
Advisor: Agrawal
Dissertation Title: Comprehensive Study of the Energy Consumption of Membranes and Distillation
UG Institution: University of Guadalajara – Mexico

Chung, Jaeyub
Advisor: Boudouris/Franses
Dissertation Title: Interfacial Tension and Phase Behavior of Oil/Aqueous Systems with Applications to Enhanced Oil Recovery
UG Institution: Seoul National University – South Korea

Nimlos, Claire
Advisor: Gounder
Dissertation Title: Influence of Organic and Inorganic Cations on Directing Aluminum Distributions in Zeolite Frameworks and Effects on Brønsted Acid Catalysis
UG Institution: University of Colorado – Boulder

Tumbalam Gooty, Radhakrishna
Advisor: Agrawal
Dissertation Title: Advances in MINLP for Optimal Distillation Column Sequencing
UG Institution: Indian Institute of Technology - Madras