Civil Engineering Online MSCE Admitted Student Checklist

Accept Offer of Admission. Even if you have notified your program whether or not you will be coming to Purdue, please complete the Graduate School's online enrollment form.   Only once you accept your admission offer, will your student account be finalized and you will receive information on onboarding and registration.

Activate your Purdue career account and setup your Purdue email account. More information about how to do this can be found at: Once your Purdue email account is set up, please check it regularly.  Any correspondence from Purdue will only be sent to your Purdue email account.

Once your account is created, you will need to set up a BoilerKey. To set up your BoilerKey please access:

Update your personal information in myPurdue. Visit myPurdue ( and go to "Personal Information" under "Quick Links" on the left side of the screen to update your emergency contacts, mailing address, email, ethnicity/race, and gender identity.

Complete Orientation Course. Approximately 7-10 days after you accept your offer of admission, you will be emailed with an invitation for the Brightspace Orientation Course.  The Orientation course includes helpful information about the Online MSCE program and includes registration instructions.

Register for classes.  General registration information is available on our web page:

A list of the Online MSCE curriculum can be found at:

Pay your tuition and fees, if any, by the due date on the bill e-mailed to you. Only electronic bills are sent. To pay online or to print your invoice, go to myPurdue and click on the "Financial" tab and then the "Manage My Account" tab. To view your payment options,  If fees are not paid by the due date, you may incur late fees and your registration may be canceled.  Please note: Tuition and fee payments from external sources or departments require a minimum of two business days to be processed. If you do not see all anticipated payments in your MyPurdue account 5 days prior to the due date, please contact Jenny Ricksy at

Confirm your registration. Log into myPurdue to confirm your registration.  Even if you do not owe anything in fees, you must confirm your registration through myPurdue when your account statement arrives by electronic mail.  All invoicing is done electronically through myPurdue's eBilling feature.

Visit the Lyles School of Civil Engineering Social Media by clicking on the icons at