Registration Procedures for Online MSCE Students

Registration of Online MSCE Graduate Students

Registration is the process of selecting courses, reserving space in those courses, receiving a schedule, and paying fees. A student is not officially enrolled until fees are paid.

The CE Graduate Office will contact new and returning online MSCE students prior to the beginning of each semester with registration information and PINs. The student can then access myPurdue and register for courses via the Scheduling Assistant, using the PIN number. Online MSCE students can only register for online courses (typically listed with CEC as the “Campus” in the course look-up). If a student encounters errors when registering, they can contact the CE Grad Office for assistance. Once a faculty advisor has been identified, the student can also contact the faculty member for advice on selecting coursework.

Note that many of the online courses use software that pre-packages the course materials and deadlines. Instructors will not be able to provide extensions of assignment deadlines. Please be sure to read the course syllabus closely to ensure that you are aware of deadlines and will be to meet then.

You will access the courses through Brightspace. Instructors must initiate the course in the system – some faculty do this before the start date of the course, others on the start date.

General Credit Requirements

  • One credit of registration in a semester is sufficient to maintain your student status. Eight credits are considered full-time.
  • You can sit out two semesters and still maintain your student status – summer semesters count.

Registration instructions:

  • Log into your myPurdue account with your Career Account
  • Go to the Registration tab
  • Click on “Use Scheduling Assistant”
  • Use the course information provided by the CE Grad Office to register. The system will automatically circulate the request for the appropriate approvals