Apply for Non-Degree: Course Only

The Lyles School of Civil Engineering offers a non-degree online option that helps students prepare for graduate-level courses, explore graduate study, or develop new skills. If you wish to take a graduate-level Civil engineering course without being formally admitted to the masters degree program, you may do so under non-degree admission status. There is no fee to apply. Students in non-degree status will receive official Purdue academic credit for courses as an online graduate student in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering. You must hold a bachelor's degree and have the necessary background for any courses you wish to take.

Application Process

Before you can enroll in a course, you must be admitted to the Purdue Graduate School. Applications are accepted for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. It is recommended that you submit an application no later than one month before the start of the semester. A complete application package for Non-Degree admission includes the following:

  • A submitted electronic application to The Graduate School
    • Campus: Select "West Lafayette (Main Campus)"
    • Proposed Graduate Major: Select "Civil Engineering"
    • Course Delivery: Distance
    • Degree Objective: Select "Non Degree"
  • Proof of a bachelor's degree by a copy of an official transcript
  • Proof of English proficiency (if applicable)
  • Statement of Purpose – short document letting us know the reason you are taking the course, for example: professional development, preparation for future MSCE application, etc.

Participation as a Non-Degree Student

Enrollment in courses as a non-degree student does not guarantee future admission to a degree program. If you are admitted later to the MSCE degree, a maximum of 6 credits taken, where a grade of B or better was earned, in non-degree status may be applied.

Courses non-degree seeking students in Civil Engineering can take are limited to the list of online engineering courses available.