Gain skills in designing, planning, and protecting the environment for exciting career opportunities

Purdue's Lyles School of Civil and Construction Engineering has built an international reputation for excellence since its founding in 1887. Nearly 670 students make it one of the larger civil engineering programs in the country, attracting scholars from across the country and around the world. As you navigate and explore CCE through our web site, you will learn more about the extraordinary opportunities that a Purdue Civil Engineering degree will offer you.

Degrees and Programs

Undergraduate students are admitted to the First-Year Engineering Program, which provides a plan of study to all freshman engineering students. After satisfactory completion of the Freshmen Engineering Program requirements, students may enter the Lyles School of Civil and Construction Engineering Undergraduate Program to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) or a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering (BSCNE). To enhance your learning experience you may choose to Study Abroad or participate in the CCE Honors Program.

The Christopher B. and Susan S. Burke Graduate Program in Civil Engineering has over 250 students working toward either a Master’s or PhD degree. The Master’s degree program is designed to be flexible so that students can work with faculty members to develop a plan of study tailored to their professional goals. It also allows them to acquire the specialized skills that are increasingly necessary for professional practice. The PhD degree provides an opportunity for more in-depth study necessary for students who want to pursue research and academic careers.

Specialty Areas

New technology and industry's demand for design, team experiences and interdisciplinary research evolves education and discovery. The Lyles School of Civil and Construction Engineering leads in educational discovery with eight academic engineering specialty areas:

Employment Opportunities

Purdue has spurred the advancement of the civil engineering profession, pioneering in transportation, materials, structures, land surveying, construction, and environmental engineering. Purdue's flexible undergraduate plan of study allows a student to obtain a broad background in all of these areas and offers a student to achieve professional goals by specializing in a particular area. As a civil and construction engineering graduate you will find employment opportunities with: consulting engineering offices, construction companies, local, state, and national governmental organizations, along with opportunities in aerospace, petroleum, automotive industry, and environmental systems.