Unlocking Career Opportunities with Purdue's Online Master's in Civil Engineering

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As infrastructure continues to age, the demand for skilled professionals who can oversee vital projects like bridge renovations, road repairs, and dam upgrades is about to skyrocket. Projections indicate that civil engineering employment opportunities are poised to grow by an impressive 6 percent from now to 2028, matching the average growth rate for all professions and leadership opportunities are to follow.

Purdue University’s #2 ranked online MS in Civil Engineering program, (U.S. News & World Report, 2023), is designed to propel your career to unparalleled heights.  The online master’s provide you with the tools to grow your professional network and build valuable connections with fellow students from diverse backgrounds. Our students bring in years of professional experience and are employed by prestigious companies and organizations. Online master's in civil engineering equips you to design, develop, and effectively lead in industry. 

Career Opportunities for Civil Engineers

Are you ready to take the next giant leap in your career? According to the 2023 ASCE Salary Report, in 2022, median income reached $128,000, with base salaries at $124,000—an increase of $4,000 from the previous year. Entry-level salaries begin at $74,000, and licensed engineers earn a median of $132,000—$30,000 more than their non-licensed counterparts. Enhance your career trajectory with these impactful industry findings.

With a Purdue MS in Civil Engineering, a wealth of exciting career paths awaits you. Become a leader in positions similar to below. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be part of a dynamic field that's shaping the world we live in.

  • Construction Engineer
    • Occupy a critical position in the construction industry, overseeing and managing complex projects with a focus on safety, quality, and efficiency.
    • Potential Salary $126,497
  • Environmental Engineer
    • Designing systems and processes to mitigate environmental issues, such as waste treatment systems, pollution control technologies, and sustainable infrastructure.
    • Potential Salary $107,545
  • Transportation Engineer Leader
    • Spearhead the development and evaluation of cutting-edge transportation solutions, from traffic optimization to sustainable mobility options.
    • Potential Salary $103,701
  • Structural Engineer
    • Influence the design and integrity of critical infrastructure, from skyscrapers to bridges. Your work will involve managing multidisciplinary teams, ensuring compliance with regulations, and pushing the boundaries of structural engineering innovation.
    • Potential Salary $108,100
  • Hydraulics Engineer
    • Hold a pivotal role in the field of hydraulics and fluid mechanics, leading and managing complex projects that impact water resource management, environmental sustainability, and infrastructure development.
    • Potential Salary $105,000

All salary and job information are based off research from salary.com.