Civil and Construction Engineering Administration

Rao Govindaraju
Bowen Engineering Head of Civil Engineering and Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering
(765) 494-2256
Ayhan Irfanoglu
Professor and Associate Head of Civil Engineering
(765) 496-8270

Civil and Construction Engineering Advisory Council Members

The mission of the Council is to facilitate communication, cooperation, and interaction between the Lyles School of Civil and Construction Engineering and the profession for the benefit of both. The Council advises the school in many areas to advance the tradition of serving and having impact on the civil engineering profession through teaching, research and service. The Council reviews program goals and recommends strategies for both current and future challenges and initiatives.

Civil and Construction Engineering Main Office Staff

Melody Carducci
Senior Academic Advisor
Whitney Freeland
Administrative Manager
(765) 494-2256
Julie Jesiek
Lead Academic Advisor
(765) 494-2161
Susan Khalifah
Student Experience Director & Lecturer
(765) 494-2415
Laura Lathrop
Academic Advisor
(765) 494-8066
Jenny Ricksy
Graduate Program Administrator
(765) 494-2436
Drew Stone
Marketing and Communications Director
(765) 494-7089

Civil and Construction Engineering External Relations Office

Heather Philhower
Administrative Assistant
(765) 494-2166

Civil and Construction Engineering Development Office

Heidi Faith
Associate Director of Donor Relations
(765) 494-1437
Gene Ann Fausett
Director of Development
Scott Hinkel
Senior Director of Development
Eric Putman
Executive Director of Development